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    Default Separated at Birth: Bel Respiro and Virgilio?

    I sampled Chanel's Bel Respiro today and the first thing that that came to my mind was, it's a slightly toned down version of Diptyque's Virgilio. That same rosemary and thyme accord that dominates Vigilio is there, plain and simple.
    Anyone else agree?

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    Default Re: Separated at Birth: Bel Respiro and Virgilio? I get mostly basil from Virgilio and I get absolutely no basil from BR.

    I do get a slight milky, sweet grass note from BR - that reminds me a lot of Calamus (Series 1) by Comme des Garcons. But BR has a more 'pickled' drydown, whereas Calamus dries down to...cardboard and Count Chocula cereal (wink to IndieGuy...)
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