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    Default Prada Exclusive Scents

    Not much publicity on these, will be trying them out soon, would love to see them listed!

    These exclusive scents were crafted for the true fragrance connoisseur - someone passionate about rare, rich, uncommon scents. Alone or blended with one of its counterparts, the scents invite the wearer to share in Prada's artisanal thought process and to experience scent in a new, bespoke fashion. It inspires the essence of experimentation and personalization, leaving the collection open to interpretation. Just as a perfumer will play with a formula in progress, Prada has provided ten powerful scents to use in a way that reflects the individual wearer. Ultimately, Exclusive scents explore fragrance as a "work in progress," as the collection continues to expand and evolve.

    Prada's exclusive scents are composed of the most precious, high-quality natural ingredients available in traditional perfumery and were sourced from Grasse, the Berceau of perfumery. Each scent is the purest essence of a fragrance at its highest concentration, yielding a beautiful, undiluted Sillage (seductive scent trail) and a rare, powerful resistance (long-lasting fragrance presence, lingering well after the wearer has left).

    Launched in 2003:
    No.1, IRIS (iris) - Mysterious yet fresh, No.1 blends its focal ingredient, Iris, with neroli and musk mallow, orange, vetiver, sandalwood, myrrh, incense, coumarin, and musk.

    No.2, OEILLET (carnation) - Floral with a subtle veil of spice, No.2 combines its base note, carnation, with clove, may rose absolute, iris absolute, vetiver, heliotrope, coumarin, sandalwood, patchouli, and musk.

    No.3, CUIR AMBRE (ambery leather) - Earthy and sensual, No.3 is a blend of cuir de russie, amber neroli, cilantro, cinnamon, clove, musk mallow, carnation, rose, jasmin absolute, iris absolute, sandalwood, oakmoss, heliotrope, vanilla absolute, and patchouli.

    No.4, FLEUR D' ORANGER (orange blossom) - Warm but with a sparkling essence, No.4 blends orange blossom, lily of the valley, rose, jasmin sambac, tuberose absolute, sandalwood, myrrh, patchouli, vanilla, coumarin, and musk.

    Launched in 2007:
    No.5, NARCISO (narcissus) - combines its key ingredient with bergamot essence, orange blossom, bee's wax absolute, vetiver essence, and musk.

    No.6, TUBEREUSE (tuberose) -The key essence, tuberose, is made richer and more complex with the added combination of other classic ingredients, including neroli, rose/violet accord, mate absolute, and musk.

    No.7, VIOLETTE (Violet) - introduces a fresh interpretation of the traditional violet scent in combination with galbanum essence, may rose absolute, cassis absolute, iris absolute, and leather accord.

    Now Available:
    No.8 OPOPONAX (oppoponax) - a soft touch of bergamot refreshes the warm blend of oppoponax in essence as well as in resinoide, cistus, santal and amber

    No.9 BENJOIN (benzoin) - the bitter orange tree (bigaradier) allies with the resinous sweet balsamic scent of benzoin enhanced by vanilla and musk.

    No.10 - MYRRHE (myrrh) - a surprising combination of fresh citrussy bergamot and cedrat from Italy, with aromatic lavender, and charismatic patchouli and myrrh.

    These are all still available, and aren't limited edition as far as I am aware

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    Default Re: Prada Exclusive Scents

    Cool - I knew about 1,2,3,4 but not the rest - cheers

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    Default Re: Prada Exclusive Scents

    No problemo Grant 9&10 also sound intriguing.

    They're extraits, but they're quite pricey at £110 for 30ml from Libertys or £92 for 30ml from the Prada boutique.

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