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    Default SotW April 4th-11th 2008

    Week # 6 was not the overall benchmark buster that last week was but we set some new highs as a community for variety and single most worn scent for a week. I'll break it down after the raw numbers:

    802 posts, Wednesday is Scent Day for the second week in a row with 125 posts
    472 different scents mentioned, a new high.
    312 scents mentioned once (38.9&#37 well within our norm of about a 38-40% individuality factor.

    As we move through this shoulder season from winter into spring I think the high individuality numbers are due to the weather fluctuation around the world. Here in Boston it hasn't been very spring-like which has a caused a "reverse floral" strike on the distaff bulletin board until spring shows up and stays for awhile. The delayed warm-up has probably led to us still wearing our colder weather scents another week. While in the Southeastern states it has been very hot and so the spring/summer scents are out in force from those members of the community.
    So the overwhelming trend that stands out this week is if we, as a community, have a "Basenotes House Scent for Spring" that scent would be Terre D'Hermes. It more than doubled the amount of wears of the number two entry. It has had the highest number of wears for a week, so far, and was the first scent to log more than 20 wears. It was worn multiple times every day this week. It was worn by a member from every continent except S. America. It is just the right scent at the right price point that it is probably the one scent most of us have in our wardrobes. A scent given three-stars in Turin and Sanchez's book and described by them as "Harmless and Pleasant at all times". Maybe that is what makes for a classic.
    Vetiver is still strongly represented on the list with three eponymous entries.
    This week it looked like the small synchronized wear group was going to have a week where they had no effect. But they caused a ripple late in the week and popped one of their scents into the top 10. Today's synchronized wear of Bandit should be enough for it to make its first top 10 appearance next week.
    Forum chatter didn't look to have increased the wears of anything this week.
    One of the biggest surprises, until late yesterday, looked like we were going to have the first top 10 without both of the Creed stalwarts of Green Irish Tweed and Boid du Portugal. One of them just made it in. The other drops out for the first time.
    For the third week in a row one scent makes it in due to the persistence of one member wearing it for a number of days. Although 5 wears is not much of a bar to jump over to get something into the top 10.
    As a little amuse bouche I also added the ratings from Turin and Sanchez's book to each entry just for everyone to see how our top 10 for this week stacks up against their assessment.
    Here now the Basenotes Top 10 for April 4th to 11th 2008
    1.) Terre D'Hermes 23 wears (2.9%) 3-stars form LT&TS
    2.) Guerlain Vetiver 10 wears (1.2%) 4-stars form LT&TS
    3.) Guerlain Habit Rouge 8 wears (1.0%) 5-stars form LT&TS
    3.) Montale Black Aoud 8 wears (1.0%)
    5.) Creed Original Vetiver 7 wears (0.9%) 1-star form LT&TS
    5.) Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur 7 wears (0.9%) 3-stars form LT&TS
    7.) Dior Homme 6 wears (0.7%) 5-stars form LT&TS
    8.) A*Men 5 wears (0.6%) 4-stars form LT&TS
    8.) Caron Yatagan 5 wears (0.6%) 5-stars form LT&TS
    8.) Comme des Garcons Vetiveru 5 wears (0.6%)
    8.) Chanel Antaeus 5 wears (0.6%) 4-stars form LT&TS
    8.) Chanel Egoiste 5 wears (0.6%) 4-stars form LT&TS
    8.) Creed Green Irish Tweed 5 wears (0.6%) 4-stars form LT&TS
    8.) Annick Goutal Folavril 5 wears (0.6%) 3-stars form LT&TS
    8.) Guerlain L'Instant pour Homme 5 wears (0.6%) 4-stars form LT&TS
    8.) Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Santal Noble 5 wears (0.6%) 3-stars form LT&TS
    8.) Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan 5 wears (0.6%) 4-stars form LT&TS

    As always, another fascinating week here in the Basenotes accounting department. Certainly this was more fun than doing my income taxes.
    Until next week, you keep wearing 'em and I'll keep counting 'em.
    Have a well-fragranced week
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    Default Re: SotW April 4th-11th 2008

    Interesting week. GIT and BDP didn't make top 5. But Terre d'Hermes is number 1 again!

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    Default Re: SotW April 4th-11th 2008

    Impressive work you're doing!

    You wouldn't happen to be related to Bill James, would you?
    Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. Daniel Moynihan

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    Default Re: SotW April 4th-11th 2008

    I look forward to this list every week. Thank you for the effort and dedication you put into this.

    Your Gang of Four has become a "small synchronized wear group" in only a week - people think that la Cosa Nostra doesn't exist either.
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