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    Oh my great god giving me the power to command my sprays,
    letting me feel the juices, the power to influence, all your great ways,
    people around me judge and love me for what i am,
    and even more importantly; for what i am not,
    oh great god, so much worry, about the things i haven't got!

    In my powerful fist, lives the test of time,
    i call upon the eighties at your divine power,
    many hobbies, philosophy, sience, cheap red wine,
    compared to the subliminal impression of olfactory,
    all seems very very weary!

    Why do i choose you, great god of olfaction?
    Why do you speak to my innermost self?
    What if i break loose, and get protection?
    The will stops, For all that it helps.

    But great god, when my will stops,
    My endless passion for love dies with it!
    When of my great suffering, i get robbed,
    you die with me god, for that i will not permit,
    In the buying of scents, forever, i shall persist!!

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    PVC and Leather. A Chain and a feather

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    keepin' it musky
    Currently wearing: Frapin 1270 by Frapin

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    Thank you for your thoughtful poem. However, in the future you could be directed to post material not related to fragrance discusison in the off-topic forum. Just a heads up and totally for the mods to determine what is and is not fragrance discussion. Cheers!

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