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    Smile Searching for new Winter Scents

    I know that Winter is ending and Spring is on its way for most of you, but I'd like to put our thoughts to winter scents for just a moment. Cold weather is on its way, and with this change I've noticed that while I have plenty of Summer/Spring scents, I simply do not have enough cold weather fragrances! Of course, the reason for this is I startied my BNing and my collection in Summer, so I haven't had a chance to get many Winter scents.

    I'd really love to hear some suggestions for some great Winter scents that I can get! I'm aiming to sample and then buy perhaps 2-4 full bottles over the course of the next few months. Price preferably under $80, but I may go up to about $150 depending on how much I love LOVE a scent. In general I only have what is in retail available to sample, but I am also thinking about doing a luckyscent sample order, so samples/tests that can be obtained from either of these two would be fab!

    My current Winter lineup: Armani Mania (a winter fav for several years), L de Lolita Lempicka, Revlon Fire & Ice (which is VERY similar to Burberry Brit), Pink Sugar (can't wear this too often though).

    Some warm weathers favs for reference: Hanae Mori Butterfly, Magical Moon, Miss Dior Cherie, Champs Elysees, Cherry Blossom Fruity, Gucci Rush.

    I really LOVE vanilla and super sweet gourmands. I'm not a big fan of super light scents, and I definitely like my fragrances to last. Any input you guys may have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Have you tried Gaultier2 or Valentino V? They're sweet, with a lot of vanilla -- two of my colder-weather favorites. Both should be fairly easy to find.
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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Cinema edp by YSL sprang to mind immediately!

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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    I like Addict for winter. Also, Nu (pretty cheap now at DJ's) Cashmere Mist, Ysatis and Yvresse. Habanita is a year round favorite of mine, but it is great in the winter, I think.

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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Second the Cinema, perhaps also try Hypnotic Poison (to me it's the definition of Winter scent) and Dolce Vita. I'm not too sure about pricing though. DV costs around $85 for 50ml at David Jones but I'm sure you can get it cheaper off the net. Hypnotic Poison and Cinema would be around the same mark I think.

    You might also like Love's True Bluish Light or Milk by Ava Luxe, if you are willing to buy over the net. My 30ml bottle of LTBL cost (after conversion and postage) around 50AUD.

    Something a bit more expensive but totally yummy is Un Bois Vanille ($150). You might be able to get a free sample of this at your local Mecca Cosmetica. I'm attempting to save for a bottle but I'm such a spender!

    (Sorry to go on...) Aaaaand, if you are putting in a sample order with Luckyscent and loooove gourmands I recommend Il Profumo Chocolat or Chocolat Frais. Actually try emailing Il Profumo first - they sent me samples of both just for enquiring.

    Good luck with the winter scents. I'll be watching this thread eagerly - I'm loving those heavy vanillas/gourmands!

    Oh yeah and last thought: have you smelled Amorito by The Body Shop?? Gorgeous chocolate stuff. Tis a bit lighter than the others I have mentioned.
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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Wow, thanks for all the suggests everyone! These are going straight onto my "To Try" list! Keep 'em coming!

    Of all the suggestions I have smelt Cinema, Dior Addict, Dolce Vita, and Hypnotic Poison. Love all but Hypnotic Poison, so will have to revisit them to try again!

    Gaultier2 sounds wonderful! Not so sure about Valentino V due to comparisons to Deep Red which I am not too fond of. Sounds like it's lighter though, so I shall definitely give it a go!

    Cashmere Mist and Yvesse have caught my attention most from the reviews in the directory, but I shall give all a go so long as I can find them!

    Oh my! What a wonderfully detailed reply, Jillsy! I've checkd out the Il Profumo site and the Chocolat line sounds fabulous! Vanille Bourbon and Ambre D'or also caught my eye. I've sent them along an email, so perhaps they will send me samples to try to see if I like them! Have never actually tried Amorito as I don't tend to go to The Body Shop often, but hearing about its chocolatey goodness I'll have to stop in!

    I'm soooooo craving some Ava Luxe fragrances, but I'm far too cautious at having to buy blind. LTBL and Milk were the two that had interested me most. I was thinking that with the shipping, perhaps it'd be a good plan to order a few fragrances from Serena and combine shipping costs, as so many of them sound lovely!

    I had NO IDEA you could get Lutens from Mecca! I've been wanting to try Un Bois Vanille for ages! Thanks for the tip, I'm so keen to suss this out now!

    Thanks again everyone for all the suggestions! I'm going to be busy trying all kinds of yummy winter scents soon!

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    No problems Tavorna. I think our taste is rather similar. Now if only I could get a hold of glass vials to start making samples. Have been intending to buy some for ages! Silly me.

    Hmm have yet to try Cashmere Mist properly. I have smelled it but not given it a proper wearing so I don't feel I can say anything about it yet. Smelled Yvresse for the first time on Friday - the initial blast reminded me of nashi pears and then now the card smells like a cross between our magnolia tree and the cherry blossom (I think? It looked like cherry blossom) tree that I used to pass walking to school last year plus a bit of vanilla. Tis rather strong stuff but it's really nice and I'm thinking of looking into it more soon.

    What I have smelled of the Il Profumo chocolate line is delicious but the Chocolat Frais didn't work on me. I gave the sample to my guy and it smells so good on him!

    Yes Ava Luxe has such a great line but I'm still tossing up whether to get Milk or not because it seems to be extremely similar to Love's True Bluish Light.

    Mecca is awesome like that. I think in Sydney it has more different brands than over here but our one store has the whole Lutens line. So while you are there maybe test out Douce Amere and Ambre Sultan. They also have some CdG, Antonia's Flowers, Kai and Parfums de Rosine.

    Have fun choosing your perfume

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    Hi Tavorna, while your at Mecca check out Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum - a delicious vanillic Gourmand. If you love vanilla Guerlain Shalimar is a classic and if you have a chance to sample Spiriteuse Double Vanille you will know how a classy adult vanilla should smell like. Try and sample Mazzolari 'Allesandro' - another grown up gourmand, Montale Sweet Oriental Dreams - a gourmand with longevity and Caron Farnesiana - smells like marzipan, yummo.
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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Keiko Mecheri is available at Mecca? Ahh you Sydney peeps are so lucky!

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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Hi Tavorna, I have to second Jillsy's suggestions...particularly Lutens Un Bois Vanille and Diors Hypnotic Poison.

    I might also add Philosopy's Falling in Love, Givenchy's Organza Indecence, L'Artisan's Ambre Extreme, and Chanel's original Coco.

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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Keiko Mecheri is available at Mecca? Ahh you Sydney peeps are so lucky!
    Hi Jillsy, I sampled it last spring at Mecca (DJ in the city) - I have not checked lately though. I also have to second Chanel Coco especially in parfum and also recommend its sister scent Coco Mademoiselle.

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    I have several "winter" frags, many of them already mentioned here, but my greatest find over the last year has been MONTALE'S ORIENTAL DREAM. If you like spiced vanilla scents you should try this one. It's one of the few frags I kept on my FB list after the New Year. Unfortunately, I only have a few drops left in my sample vile, otherwise I would send you some. I love it!
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    I think you might like Keiko Mecheri's Loukhoum (very sweet, almondy and rosy, with a very toasty finish - my favourite take on turkish delight.) Also, maybe Boucheron Trouble (to me it is a deep, sexy, ambery oriental featuring smoky citrus and vanilla honey.)
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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    I completely agree about the Hypnotic Poison and Trouble recommendations.You might also like L'instant by Guerlain.
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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Oh, almost forgot:

    Burberry Brit edp

    lots of vanilla and warmth to this one!

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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Cashmere Mist is my favourite winter scent. I think Ivoire by Balmain is a close second - I've just realised that most of my wardrobe is "spring/summer" based. Perhaps I should go shopping too.

    I'll be interested in what you decide on Tavorna.

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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    May I suggest sampling Vanille Noire Du Mexique by La Maison De La Vanille from Luckyscent? I think they still carry this. It is heavenly chocolatey vanilla with patchouli to stop it from being too gourmand. Also Patchouly by Mazzolari, not gourmand but warm patchouli/amber and drop dead gorgeous for winter. Also second the fabulous Dolce Vita.
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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Wow! All these suggestions are absolutely fantastic! I'm so thrilled! I've put together a big Excel spreadsheet of all these suggested scents, with research on them, and where to try/get samples of them. My shopping cart at luckyscent is full of samples, just waiting for me to order. I've added several of the scents mentioned here that I saw could be sampled: Vanille Noire Du Mexique (which looks like a bargain! I hope I like it), Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum (sounds rich and lovely!), Allesandro and Patchouly (sound gorgeous, but eek, expensive!), and Vanilia and Tea for Two (two I've been dying to try. Unfortunately Ambre Sultan was not there to get a sample of).

    I'm going to wait a while to see if any more fragrances tickle my fancy before I process the order. For everything else, I simply can't wait till next week when I go into the city on a sniffing-fest! And then for the VERY elusive suggestions.... well perhaps it will be soon be time for my first Perfumed Court order!

    I'm so excited about trying all these yummy suggestions... too bad there's still a week to go before I can go out and sniff! *sob*
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    I'm wearing Love's True Bluish Light today, by coincidence. Ava Luxe does some great winter scents - this and also Madeline (a gourmand, but an adult one) are wonderful. Madame X is possibly my favourite Ava - that's definitely something for an evening out. It's sexy, confident and animalic - not musky, but ambery, with leather and a subtle touch of civet. Gorgeous and intoxicating.
    I'll also concur Hypnotic Poison is a great winter comfort scent, and I like Musc Ravageur which I think of as a hot toddy for the nose.
    Serge Lutens has some nice winter warmers too. A lot of his are spicy but I like Miel de Bois (wood and honey...not everyone's cuppa but it's good in winter. In summer it's too much) and Ambre Sultan.

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    Default Re: Searching for new Winter Scents

    Oh and while you are at it, you may like La Maison de Vanille's Vanille Givree des Antilles - it's the kinda thing you might like if you like Angel (did I read somewhere you have the violet one? Anyway it's vanilla and patchouli dominated to my nose - also with rose, tuberose, oppoponax and tonka bean according to Luckyscent). Actually I think most of the vanillas from that line are nice.

    Don't forget to post your impressions of what you sample!
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