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Thread: Blind rose?

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    Default Blind rose?

    Hello, here again another "trying to write in English":

    I have a question: If I like Voleur de Roses, could I blind-buy Rose Poivrée? Is just switch patchouli and civet? or its a different approach to the rose theme, more femenine maybe?

    Opinions, advices etc are welcomed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would say no. Rose Poivree is a totally different animal. And by different animal, I mean there it has animal parts it in. It's got real bits of panther, so you know it's good. 60% of the time, it works, every time.

    Get samples of it...
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    Default Re: Blind rose?


    I owned both and I think of them quite differently.

    I actually bought Voleur de Roses blind and regretted it (and sold it later). I prefer Rose Poivree better. But I wouldn't recommend buying it blind.

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    No. Don't blind buy Rose Poivre. It's so different from VR.

    If you are looking for another interesting rose fragrance order some samples of a variety of them. Rose Poivre, Paestum Rose, Black Aoud, Aoud Lime, Royal Aoud, Rose Ikebana, Rose 31 are all worth trying. If you really like Voleur de Roses you might try Paestum Rose as a sample, or Aoud Lime - they both have other interesting changes to the rose in them. Rose 31 is hard to find samples of, but it is good.

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    Default Re: Blind rose?

    No, definitely not. I am not say you won't like it, but you may not.
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