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Thread: Melograno?

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    Default Melograno?

    Melograno - Is it a very masculine fragrance? If it is anything like their Muschios, I'm sure I'll love it.

    And second, where can I find a sample of the stuff? (besides Aedes. I really don't want to have to purchase other samples just to get the one I want).

    General thoughts on this great from SMN?

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    Funny this comes up now, because I just placed a sample order on Aedes with this one included. I hope to be able to tell you about it sooner than later. I read some interesting comments about it in some other threads, but hopefully you'll get some good responses here.

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    I hear melograno is a strange beast. Others here are more qualified to commend on it. I think it has a sickly sweet pomengranante accord, which is an accord I loathe. Best of luck with it, however.

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    Melograno is by no means a macho sent. It's definitely unisex, but it's dry and a little powdery and... well, you'll just have to sample it. It is, a Scentologist says, a strange beast. But in my opinion it's definitely worth trying. FWIW I don't get a sickly sweet accord at all, and I'm pretty allergic to that kind of accord.

    The SMN store in L.A. has made me samples when I've visited, so maybe they or the store in NY would mail you one.

    One thing I've noticed about SMN scents is you can't tell anything from spraying them on a blotter. They absolutely need to be tested on the skin, and allowed to rest for a few minutes before making any judgments.

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    Default Re: Melograno?

    Love Melograno, one of a kind pomegranate scent. Not sweet at all, slightly tart and nicely powdery. Definitely a try-before-you-buy fragrance, though.
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