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    Default Review of The Guide in the style of the Guide

    Put yours below. Here's mine:

    Perfumes: The Guide
    Valuable Infotainment

    Turin and Sanchez have filled a niche very well in this reformulated and updated classic - reformulated and improved while not losing the character of the original. This is not easy to do, especially when adding a new co-author. Sanchez offers an interesting perspective and, indeed, the weight of her comments and writing could make a viable competing volume. Instead, she strikes a harmonious accord with the Turin's notes. While seemingly arbitrary, and flippant at times, it strikes a balance between serious and not taking itself seriously. Like a good perfume that takes a stand and a chance, the book delivers information as well as entertainment. Warning: If you are a fan of Creed beyond GIT, you may want a friend to cover up those bits before you read it. Highly recommended, but really, it's your only choice.
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    Default Re: Review of The Guide in the style of the Guide

    Music that makes us smile is good music!
    Bravo Maestro !
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    Default Re: Review of The Guide in the style of the Guide

    Great Review- Made me smile!
    - A spritz of Caron may be quite continental, but (a flacon of) Guerlain is a perfumisto's best friend...

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