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    Default Volloresi Acqua di Colonia

    I'd like to know about your experiences with LV AdC please. With the claims of all natural oils being used, I was wondering about comparisons to other "cologne" formulae, longevity, etc.
    Is it refreshing and light or more of an Italian take on this theme (more spices and herbs characteristic of LV)?
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    Default Re: Volloresi Acqua di Colonia

    It's the only Villoresi I've not tried, since it is not available in the US. LV's official website in Florence still lists it though, and describes it like this:

    Recalling use from previous centuries.
    Based entirely on natural essential oils. Properties include
    Bergamot, Lemon, Sage and Rosemary.An active scent, intended to be refreshing.

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    Default Re: Volloresi Acqua di Colonia

    There was one bottle of it at the Lafco store near the Puck Building in lower Manhattan. I thought it was good, but Uomo was better. It had the Villoresi "house" notes. I believe it has been discontinued.
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    Default Re: Volloresi Acqua di Colonia

    I can't wait to get my samples .

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    It is very much a classic Eau de Cologne. Sparkling citrus, an exquisite neroli and an easy musky base. The musk seperates it just a little from the standard EDC recipe, and it has a resin note too. It lasts well for a frag of this type. A genuinely excellent addition to the genre, not ground breaking or new but a very well made modern classic and one of my favourites.To my nose Villoresi has a huge talent for combining superb accords so they remain distinct but wonderfully balanced.
    Edit - I just wanted to emphasise just how wonderful the neroli is :-)

    edit again - and the bergamot
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    What hirch said. If you enjoy stuff like Guerlain Imperiale or R&G Extra Vieille or would like to find out just how bad 4711 is compared to a really fine classic EdC, this is a must try. If, on the other hand, you consider classic EdCs boring, this won't rock your boat just because it's a Villoresi.

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