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    Question Voltaire #6

    In "The Darjeeling Limited", the latest film by Wes Anderson, one of the characters owns a fragrance called "Voltaire #6". I haven't been able to find that such a fragrance exists, so I'm imagining that it's a ficticious fragrance. Is this fragrance a reference to anything in particular, for example, a work by Voltaire or some sort of nod to another fragrance? In the film, the fragrance is in a clear bottle, translucent pink fragrance, red label and red bulb. The clip where you see it is at 19:44.

    Also, can you think of any other "ficticious fragrances" from any other films or novels? Have any of them been produced?
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    haha i was about to add that to the "fragrance in movies and tv" thread.
    i believe its fictional but im probably wrong.

    your thought on producing the ficticious fragrance reminded me of how harry potter produces their candies...

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