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    Default Oops - "No Longer Missing" Montales still missing + website error

    Hey Grant - I think you missed some posts further down on the thread by Vivek about missing Montales - you put the thread in the "No Longer Missing" section, but only the ones listed in the first post were added, while several others are still not there.

    If you were planning on adding them, my apologies for the clutter! I double checked other fragrances in teh "No Longer Missing" section and they were all listed, which is why I'm going ahead with this relist.

    The still missing Montales listed in the above thread are:

    Aoud Flowers
    Golden Aoud
    Red Aoud
    Ta’if Rose
    Red Vetyver

    And importantly, the link to the Montale website listed in the directory is not correct - that link is to the old Swiss Montale distributor, which is now Nejma Parfums

    The proper Montale site is:

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