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    Default Fleur du Male - La Cologne Vs EDT

    Hey all,

    Sorry for the uber long post already:

    I know that the majority of people I've referred JPG-FDM-(EDT) just absolutely hate it. As well as majority of reviews I've also read.

    IMO, I like it. I find that the dry down scent mellow and calming, I feel like its a summers day walking through a park filled with orange blossoms. I prefer this over G2 (nice, bubblegummy, though slightly over powering - it's more the fact that someone else I know is using it that I don't want to use it any more) the original and summer version.

    My intentions were to get the 125ml FDM EDT.

    On Monday, instead (after asking if this was the 125ml) I was sold what turned out to be the 75ml Box set. (Nice shiny opaque white bottle, with deodorant + a FDM-tin like "pencil case" for free as well as some tester sprays and G2 playing cards. At 43 I thought that was pretty decent. I even said so..."125ml plus all that? That's a really good price")

    On Tuesday I had exchanged the box set with what I asked for (The larger 125ml version). Yay for the large white tin.

    On opening the packaging I noticed the bottle looked different but didn't pay too much attention at the time. Also, when I sprayed, it did not smell like FDM. Thoughts that went through my friends and I were "Was it cheap because Debenhams sold me fake stock/old stock" "Maybe it's just how your skin is interacting with it" or "maybe it's too concentrated" - that one coming from a biochemist. Eventually I just became convinced that infact they were the same, and the first time I tried smelt different because it was the liquid in the spray mechanism - not the actual perfume.

    Until I tried out a sample of FDM again. It smelt really different. It bugged me now the glass was translucent at the top, getting more opaque towards the base: not like the Porcelain/Ivory white I had expected. Since I was in a rush, I overlooked "La Cologne". I reasoned that maybe that's just the Aftershave vs EDT version...they still smell exactly the same. But they don't. La cologne imo is too light, too generic. When liquid it's really strong citrusy/alcohol smell like imitation perfumes. Then the citrus takes over like a lemon aerosol air freshner until we get a baby talcum powder scent. With FDM EDT, the scent is uniform when its liquid and just gets much, much lighter as you wear it.

    It was only through a google search I found out that this was a different product.

    I'd really like to return this FDM cologne version for what I had originally wanted to but since I've opened the packaging, I'm guessing they're not going to let me. I'm going to try the angle that: I had specifically asked for a certain product, and on two occasions was sold the wrong one.

    If you like FDM, do you guys have any personal preference from EDT to the cologne version?

    I've got a couple of hours till I have to wake up (if I get any sleep that is) before my lectures and presentation...I'll most likely try and return it. Meh...the fuss.

    Thanks for any replies.

    (JMO, 21 - UK)

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    Default Re: Fleur du Male - La Cologne Vs EDT

    If you dont like it, return it. If they dont let you, ask to speak to the manager. If you make enough of a fuss, I'm sure they will let you exchange it. Make sure you re-iterate the fact that they made the mistake of selling you something you didn't request / want.
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    Default Re: Fleur du Male - La Cologne Vs EDT

    When you say "Since I was in a rush, I overlooked "La Cologne", - did you take the product from the shelf yourself? If so, your 'was sold the wrong product' excuse will not fly.
    Generally speaking, fragrances that have been opened and sprayed are not re-sellable as they are considered perishable products. Once oxygen has been introduced to the perfume, it begins to deteriorate. This is not the company being picky, it is to protect the customer from being sold an inferior product. If you dropped 80 quid on what you thought was an unused fragrance, only to find it has been used by an indecisive or misinformed customer, you'd be a bit pissed, wouldn't you?

    I used to work as an SA and to be honest things like this used to tick me off. I dont know how many times customers would bring the aftershave splash to the counter thinking it was the EDT, or people rushing through would go home with the wrong concentrations because they didnt read the box properly. This is why many stores (in Australia) have a no-returns policy on fragrance.

    For your sake I hope you manage to get the refund, but I think all people purchasing need to be more aware of what product it is that they are picking up off the shelf, or being handed by a SA. Its one thing to be told what size bottle you have in your hand, and another to take the 3 seconds needed to check the package or bottom of the bottle yourself.
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    Default Re: Fleur du Male - La Cologne Vs EDT

    Hi, thanks for the replies.

    The cologne was on open shelves, but it was (I think the manager) who picked it up and brought it to the cashier.

    I had asked " I want the 125ml version of the scent he had in his hand, which was Fleur du male EDT." He pointed "is this the one you want", to what I thought was the 125ml version of Fleur du male EDT, said yes and went on to exchange it. Even if I had read, "cologne" all I would have thought it that's what the packaging is supposed to be as I didn't know about this new scent.

    I guess it's one of those learn something new every day things. It's just that I kept on repeating 125ml, 125ml and the sales girl at the time who was chatty kept on reinforcing that it was 125ml...I didn't think about it having contents info on the back and at the price I thought it was 125ml. It was a Christmas edition one, and the box was was partially see throhugh as it was covered in glitter design.

    Edit: The manager processed the exchange, with partial refund (via gift card) and a free gift of FdM toiletries.
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