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    Default Neglected Gourmands

    I very recently had the chance to sample Bond No. 9's New Haarlem and man.. what a fascinating gourmand it is.. it smells intoxicating.. almost like cocaine.. it held me in a trance... my hand automatically went to my wallet, to flip it open and drop the cash onto the glass counter.. but you see, I successfully resisted it and lived to tell the story *whew*

    Now I know that its an expensive copy of Rochas Man and to some extent Angel, but whatever.. I really loved how it smelled.. which now brings me to a gourmand which I already own.. its Escada Magnetism for her, yup you read it right.. for HER!

    The Escada shares the EXACT same burnt sugar accord with New Haarlem, the major difference being that New Haarlem is Coffee + Caramel w/Burnt Sugar and the Escada is Fresh Bakery aromas + Cakes w/burnt sugar.. even if it is marketed towards women I can easily see Men using it.. it's very unisex IMO.

    So the next time you pass by any frag counters, make it a point to hop over to the womens' counter and smell Escada Magnetism... I think gourmand lovers would drool over it as I did

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    I love the gourmand drydown of L'Instant de Guerlain.
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    Default Re: Neglected Gourmands

    L'Instant de Guerlain and a gourmand drydown? I must have missed something!

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    Default Re: Neglected Gourmands

    I am not into gourmands. The onle one I love is bleeker street. Although it is labled as a gourmand, it doesn't remind me of one whatsoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudassir View Post
    L'Instant de Guerlain and a gourmand drydown? I must have missed something!
    yup..the cocoa in it...its has tht Dior Homme kinda effect..but no scent other than L'instant and Issey Bleue could possibly envelope someone in its mystery l'instant has tht deja vu effect on me...lovely stuff...sorry lil off topic
    Quote Originally Posted by javagreen View Post

    Now I know that its an expensive copy of Rochas Man and to some extent Angel,
    have to disagree on tht comparison....Rochas is very creamy and the choco-caramel along with vanilla notes are pronouced in a very "direct" way...thts really Gourmand whereas Angel is bone dry spicy with no Gourmand like quality IMO....
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    Aquolina's Blue Sugar does not get enough play on the board.
    (IMHO, Blue Sugar is what A*men could/should have been.)
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