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    Default Signoricci by Nina Ricci. Your thoughts?

    Just tried it today. I didn't like it much at all. Smelled very inexpensive and one dimensional to me. I know it's very popular on basenotes. So what do you guys think of this fragrance?

    By the way I'm not giving up on it yet. I'll keep trying it.

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    Default Re: Signoricci by Nina Ricci. Your thoughts?

    I love Signoricci. Lemon lime that is chalk dry. It's such a classic citrus. Not sure about the ingredients: lemon for sure, but whether it's petitgrain, basil, cedar . . . whatever, the drydown is so dry with such a sparkling opening. Unique and very classy. Great for cool weather and spring.

    When asking about what makes a great design I was given advice years ago, "when you roll it down a hill, nothing falls off." Signoricci is like this. This design is lean and tight! It works.

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    Default Re: Signoricci by Nina Ricci. Your thoughts?

    It is so hard to find (in Europe) I forget what it smelled like. Eternal spring in my book leaning more to the classical style of Roger & Gallet, Farina, Acqua di ... than what men expect from summer fragrances of 200X.
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    Default Re: Signoricci by Nina Ricci. Your thoughts?

    I agree with Buzzlepuff. Verrrrry highly rated on Basenotes and I got it blind. I'm not sure what I was expecting, still I don't regret it. It's a great scent--a super fresh dry opening with lemon/lime and the drydown is musk and citrus. I also get a very strong fresh cilantro note in it (not basil as listed). It doesn't displease me but I find it unusual. And it has a floral heart including jasmin.
    There's a part that I'm a little unsure about. It vaguely reminds me of Dali Laguna (I know, scary) and I can't say how or why. It's a beach/suntan lotion type accord that comes and goes. I'm not sure if it's the combination of citurs and jasmin (b/c I also smell Eau Sauvage way back intervals--but she wishes...); or something to do with the cilantro.
    It is different than your other citrus scents and has good longevity for me. It'll make for a unique item in your wardrobe that no one else around you has. No regrets but Eau Sauvage it isn't. IF you don't already have Eau Sauvage, go for ES instead.
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