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    Question Traveling with Perfume?

    I have a trip to New Orleans coming up next week and I'd like to take a few scents along with me -- but hate risking breakage. I actually really like the little sprizters that the SAs at Sephora use to make home-made samples... does anyone know where I could find something like those? Or other tips on travelling with frags?


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    Default Re: Traveling with Perfume?

    I personally like taking the spray samples I get from places like Beauty Encounter and Sephora. Both I get online. Plus - these can do the whole quart bag, no more than 3 oz thing quite well.

    I'm on travel right now and the 3 spray samples I have with me:
    - Guerlain Insolence - Sephora
    - Neil Morris Storm - NeilMorris.som
    - Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus - Ormonde

    If you want to decant your own stuff - there are suppliers who will send you 1.5 mL spray bottles. I tend to use the spray samples I have so other basenoters may have better info on how well these work.

    Another though is to do what Quarry did and focus on going to local perfumeries rather than packing stuff. She'll have lots more information on that than I will since she's been there recently.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Traveling with Perfume?

    Basically, what Sakecat said -- 3 to 5 necessities in travel size containers and exploring the local resources.
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    Default Re: Traveling with Perfume?

    And the local perfumeries are definately worth checking out! Hove is fabulous and the fragrances are quality. I could have stayed in there all day with their creamy pink ( my favorite color) walls and crystal chandeliers and bottles of perfumes and creams and's just what my bedroom would look like if I did not have a husband

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