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    Default Lutens CM and L'Artisan Dinzg! -- odd comparison

    Okay, so I'm a confessed Lutens fan. I own four fragrances, plan on more, and love the thickness of the scents. So, something crazy happened on the way to the forum.

    I've been wearing CM off and on for a while. I like it. I think it slays Creed REL which, well, smells just like a leather saddle, by being more subtle, spicier (something I don't generally like), and lovelier. (Confession: I'm going to start a thread about leather scents). More animalic, in a way, and less "photorealism."

    Anyway, I received my box with CdG 888 -- really like it, bought because I liked the sample -- from Lucky Scent and it came with the requested sample of Dzing!

    Now, I had been looking forward to Dzing!. All the odd descriptions -- most of which sounded a lot like the ad copy -- and reviews. My take:

    I think Dzing! is a really interested leather/fur scent. There is some sweetness, yes, and I like that, but I don't get the potent sweetness some describe. It is strongly animalic, though, but also immediately makes me think of the leather fragrances I've been around. More leather than not. However, it definitely has an aspect of, well, body odor, and, as my wife said, "the cat's ass." Quote: "hmmm...that's kinda gross. Gimme some." I couldn't decide whether I found more nauseating, interesting, or strongly sexual. All three, I think, and that's sort of cool.

    So, the comparison? Both are animalic. To me, CM is more refined, prettier, has flower notes, and is more wearable. Both have leather notes although, in a way, I think Dzing! has stronger leather notes -- or at least leather straight from the source at the farm. They're really different but, in ways that are hard to put into words, I'm lumping them into the same genre. I would wear CM on any day, casual, super-casual, or formal, but I might pick my Dzing! occasions with care.

    That's it! Any thoughts from owners/wearers of both?

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    Default Re: Lutens CM and L'Artisan Dinzg! -- odd comparison

    odd comparison!

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    Default Re: Lutens CM and L'Artisan Dinzg! -- odd comparison

    I love both of these scents for completely different reasons.

    I own a bottle of Dzing (that I am almost finished with) whereas CM I just sampled for the 1st time this week from a small sample a generous Basenoter gave me.

    Yes, I will agree that Dzing smells like fur, rather than leather. I always described it as 'the smell of a dog's bedding' - you know where animals sleep. That mixture of animal hair, dirty fabric and dog breath. That smell. Mixed with cotton candy. Love it. I rarely get a compliment from it, and I could care less, I wear it for myself only.

    CM, well it's just way more opulent and luxurious smelling. It smells LEATHERY not animalic. Yet the leather is simply surrounded by spices and syrups. Unlike you highdudgeon, I can't imagine wearing CM in a casual situation. It seems like the perfect scent to wear with silk clothing.

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    Default Re: Lutens CM and L'Artisan Dinzg! -- odd comparison

    Ah, a continuation of the "favorite leather scents for men" thread.

    Well, CM and Dzing! are two of my four favorite leathers, and I group them together that far.

    I don't find CM that animalic, though the last couple of times I have worn it, I am picking up more amber. I think of it as a spicy orange-scented leather with an amber base.

    Dzing! to me is usually warm leather, cotton candy and the back end of a cat (although there was one day I got the cardboard note some people talk about.) I lol'ed at your wife's comment.

    I think Dzing! might be dodgier to wear in some situations, but I wear both pretty much at will.

    I still think you should try Chanel Cuir de Russie; it has elements of both, and is my favorite leather fragrance.
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    Default Re: Lutens CM and L'Artisan Dinzg! -- odd comparison

    I don't get the cardboard but do get the cat's ass and the cotton candy. Pardon me while I break into song.
    You wanna talk cardboard, Lutens' Vetiver Oriental has a really great cardboard note to me. I'm also interested in highdudgeon's implicit thing about perceptions highjacked by ad copy. It for sure happens to me. Or if not ad copy, which tends to be pretty insipid and not very sensory, then certainly the descriptions I read here and on the blogs.
    Must now go back and smear myself with Dzing!

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    Default Re: Lutens CM and L'Artisan Dinzg! -- odd comparison

    Dzing! is probably the best L'Artisan I have smelled. Its sawdust leather notes are unique and alluring. The only way it could be better was if it got rid of that watery L'Artisan feel that infects most L'artisans although due to its inherently fantastic structure Dzing! doesn't suffer much from it. Its probably the smooth balsamic accord married to the leather note that does the trick.

    CM is a quality leather fragrance as well but in my opinion it doesn't come close to making as impressive an impact as Dzing!. I like CM's subtle yet persistent leather accord dressed up in fruity overtones and the incense note in the drydown rescues it from a potential drag queen sausage fest. I too think that CM is far from animalic in its feel. Its structure is a variation of Tabac Blond so it does have somewhat of a been there done that feel about it.

    If given a choice, I would pick Dzing! over Cueer Mauresque anyday.

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    Default Re: Lutens CM and L'Artisan Dinzg! -- odd comparison

    I completely agree with zztop. Apart from the whole circus story, last year one time I was in a really huge tavern full of new leather chairs - a wine tasting place for large groups. Till then I didn't really know Dzing is a leather scent, since then it's more than obvious. And it is Dzing and not REL or CdM which gives the exact feeling of that room.

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