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    Exclamation Liz Claiborne to sell fragrance business?

    Liz Claiborne to sell fragrance business?

    According to a report by WWD, Liz Claiborne is said to be looking for a buyer for its fragrance business, which not only includes Claiborne fragrances, but also the fragrances of Lucky Brand, Candies, Juicy Couture, Usher and more.


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    I wish they'd just revamp what they had, under the new leadership of Gunn and Mizrahi.

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    I'll give them three dollars and a guitar pick for the company. :-)

    anyone wanna buy stock if they take me up on my offer?
    Yup, I smell good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dewey eyed View Post
    I wish they'd just revamp what they had, under the new leadership of Gunn and Mizrahi.
    And what about a John Bartlett designed men's fragrance? I'm sure it that would have been HOT!

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    Though I do have to admit that I like the new Juicy Couture Dirty English and that I have a soft spot for Usher's fragrances, I feel that Liz Claiborne's fragrance business is weak apart from the Juicy Couture, Usher, and (to an extent) Curve brands.

    -Lucky No. 6 fizzed out in the marketplace despite a good start.
    -Liz (the purple juice) bombed big-time despite a huge promotional budget... one of my friends who works for a Claiborne competitor said it was the most poorly executed launch she had ever seen.
    -With all the flankers available (7 for men and 8 for women), Curve is becoming as over-line-extended as Colgate toothpaste, diluting the brand.
    -Tracy was a massive flop.
    -The Realities line has never gained much steam.
    -Oh, and every other new Liz Claiborne masterbrand that they want to turn into another Curve is gone in 60 seconds.

    One more thing: In case you didn't know, Liz Claiborne bought out the Narciso Rodriguez ready-to-wear line last year, and I was fearing that their fragrance license was next and would go the way of all those Curve derivatives. Could this mean that the Narciso Rodriguez fragrance license will stay with Beaute Prestige International/Shiseido and not be transfered to Liz Claiborne Cosmetics and get ruined in the process?
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    Update: Arden's snapped it up:

    Elizabeth Arden and Liz Claiborne announced yesterday that they have entered into an exclusive long-term global licensing agreement for the manufacture, distribution and marketing of the Liz Claiborne fragrance brands including Lucky Brand, Usher, Curve and Juicy Couture.
    "This is a very strategic transaction for both companies," said E. Scott Beattie, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Elizabeth Arden, Inc. "We have worked closely together through our existing distribution relationship and are very familiar with the Liz Claiborne fragrance portfolio."
    William L. McComb, Chief Executive Officer of Liz Claiborne Inc., said, "Fragrance is an important equity enhancing category for our brands. For us to maximize profitability in this business going forward, however, we would have to make significant changes to how it is operated. Doing that right now would distract us from other initiatives currently underway that are core to our strategy. Through this partnership with Elizabeth Arden, we can continue to successfully develop and market brand enhancing fragrances in a more capital efficient manner, leveraging our strength in brand building with Arden's expertise in developing and growing fragrance businesses."
    See also Liz Claiborne to sell fragrance business.

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