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They were always surprised when I told them that Lorenzo Villoresi scents which cost around 100 Euro over there, equates to $165 Australian dollars. But in Australia they cost around A$280.
I am surprised too! They're a lot cheaper here, about 110 euro as you said, gosh that's a lot of marking up!

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I've got two bottles of Etro's Vetiver - it's probably the rawest one I've tried. The other good one which I picked up very cheap in Rome was the Roccobarocco Vetiver, which was sort of in between Etro's and Lorenzo Villoresi's.
I don't know Roccobarocco's vetiver (I'm quite new to this world and have still a lot of fragrances to sniff) but with Etro it was love at first whiff and I finally bought my first full bottle last saturday

About the diesels, the only one I enjoy is Diesel Green, I really like that fougere note.

Unfortunately I haven't tried yet Acqua di Portofino, so I can't say...