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    Default A scentfull day...

    Normally you live a busy life in a small city. You never find the time to enjoy life as you did when you were young and got all the time in the world. It's sunday and your day off from work. You wake up to the rain hitting the window. The hypnotic sound makes you feel relaxed and you decide to close your eyes and get some more sleep.

    A couple of hours later you wake up. The rain has stopped but the sky is gray. You go to the bathroom and light up a scented candle from Diptyque - Freesia. Then you go to the kitchen and have the best breakfast you had for ages, usually you just get something fast from 7-eleven on your way to work. Now it's time for a shower. You go to the bathroom which now is scented with Freesia. After a long hot shower you take the time to have a good old relaxing shaving with a real razor knife and shaving soap. You finish off with some Acqua di Parma After Shave.

    You decide to go out for a walk. Not far from where you live there's a small gravel road which leads out to the countryside with green fields and a small pond. The road leads you through a spruce forest. That's where you're going today.

    It's dewy and foggy outside, it reminds you of an old Edgar Alan Poe-movie you saw years ago. You feel both excited and melancholic. You decide to put on some [A] to enhance those two feelings.

    You dress classy and yet comfortable and go outside. The roses outside are all dewy and smells wonderfully. You can feel the scent of moist earth in the air. You smile as you discover it goes so well to your scent of the day.

    You pass an old abandon house with an appletree. Almost all of the apples have fall to the ground. The combination of the smell of fermented apples, moist earth and your scent of the day makes you smile once again - they're like a match made in heaven.

    After a couple of hours you're home again and feel happy, relaxed and still a little melancholic - but in a good way. From now on you have a scent which will remind you of this wonderful day - the day you rediscovered you're a part of nature, and that the nature is beautiful.

    Now tell me the name of [A].

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    Default Re: A scentfull day...

    Trumper's Wild Fern, of course.

    By the way, which Edgar Allan Poe movie was that?

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    Default Re: A scentfull day...

    'Eau Noire' by Dior Couture - green and lush, juxtaposed with dark and melancholic.
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    Default Re: A scentfull day...

    Nasomatto Absinth
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    The first scent that came to mind for [A] was Frederic Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire. VE, when I first took a whiff, made me think of a mossy norwegian spruce forest - and they can't be all that different from swedish forests.

    If VE doesn't seem to conjure up that scent image as it did for me, perhaps....

    Serge Lutens Chne (plagiarizing Pluran's review) Luca Turin describes it as, "Chne is an astringent and almost bitter tinture of oaks and the mosses that festoon them in primeval European forests".

    ...or perhaps...

    Creed's Cyprs-Musc
    MPG's Parfum d'Habit
    Diptyque's Tam Dao
    Lalique pour Homme Equus
    YSL M7 Fresh
    ...or maybe even...
    Nasomatto's Duro (applied lightly)...

    ...might be the [A] you're searching for

    I better stop before any more possibilities pop into my head!

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    Default Re: A scentfull day...

    Cacharel PH
    Visit Azzaro

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    Default Re: A scentfull day...

    MPG Parfum d'Habit. And what an excellent post this is. Thanks.
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    Default Re: A scentfull day...

    Le Dandy....apples?
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    My wife thought, when I read her "A" it was A*Men and she got kinda freaked out as she said "Wouldn't be better if it was CdG Honoki?"

    So her vote is for Hinoki. Though she added Cuir de Russie might be good as well.

    For me ... I would say something classic (The Acqua Di Parma leads me here) Dior Homme or Chanel Pour Monsieur.

    Great post. Though being an American, raised in the Midwest, walking in the woods voluntarily is a bit odd.
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    Default Re: A scentfull day...

    Freesia at the beginning, a walk in the woods, Sunday peace and a certain kind of good melancholy - that's Mitsouko for me. I have to ignore any kind of clothes, because that's too clich for me. I prefer to break out of that. Remains the bacon and eggs for breakfast to fit in, and I must pass. - Good post to read as Sunday breaks!
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    Default Re: A scentfull day...

    I don't have a large collection.. but from what I own, the [A] for me could be either Burberry London or Aigner Black or John Varvatos

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    Default Re: A scentfull day...

    I agree with Vetiver Extraordinaire. That's what came to my mind.

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    Default Re: A scentfull day...

    Givenchy Monsieur

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