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    Default Terre d'Hermes Question

    I bought Terre d'Hermes edt today. For the first hour and a half, the sample spray (single shot) was great. Then the cedar smell just kept on coming. I don't think the scent changed much, I'm just getting overpowered by the cedar.

    It's definitely a different scent, not for kids, pretty dressy.

    I haven't opened the box, and I can easily return/exchange it. The store also had a TdH after shave, and I wonder if I might be better off with that.

    Does anyone with experience with this product have any comments about whether I commit to this based on the above comments?

    FYI, I applied a strong single shot to my arm and did not spread it all. Is it possible that spreading a single shot to both arms will tone this thing down to something more manageable?

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Terre d'Hermes Question

    Give it time. Sure, apply it differently (neck, chest, etc). Wear it maybe at a different time than you last did. Apply more than one spray.

    If after all that, you still just 'get' cedar' maybe TdH is not for you.

    IMO the after shave is the same exact accord as the EdT - no difference.

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    Default Re: Terre d'Hermes Question

    TDH is kinda sharp. I agree with mike, try different application techniques that he mentioned. If all of that doesn't pan out, I wouldn't go with the aftershave. As mike said, its the same accord.

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    Default Re: Terre d'Hermes Question

    I have found TdH is pretty linear on me - but I love cedar, so this works out great for me. It will have a bit of citrus to round it out, but it is mostly wood on me, and pretty linear. I think that I would stick with the EDT unless you have decided you do not like it. I was "on the fence" about it - and ended up getting samples of it and going through both - and even then I got the smaller size.

    I thought it was just me, but I tried the 2 Jardins and Concintree D'Orange Vert by Hermes (under direction/created by Ellena) and found them to be pretty linear as well. So I was thinking this was his style? Or the chemicals he likes to use are linear on my skin.

    Incidentally I am convinced that TdH is entirely composed of synthetic chemicals.
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    Default Re: Terre d'Hermes Question

    The first whiff I thought "I'm sure this isn't supposed to smell like smelling-salts it?" .

    Half an hour later though I find myself wondering "who's burning incense sticks?" only to realise it was the TdH. Having said that, I'm beginning to get quite font of it as I find it difficult to compare to another perfume/cologne (so for me that's good). Each sniff makes me think of a warm, evening bonfire for some reason. Or Christmas mass as that's when they over do the whole incense burning.

    (I can't describe perfumes other than to say what other smells they remind me off)

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    Default Re: Terre d'Hermes Question

    After reading a lot of rave reviews and never giving this a try, I bought a small "sampler" on ebay that came with the after shave balm. I tried it and I honestly didn't know what other people were smelling that made them think that this was the "it" fragrance... It literally gave me a headache after an hour and I was pretty self conscious of wearing it because it was almost a cedar smell with a gasoline aftertaste.. (that was my sense of it anyway). I have tried it after a month or so respit and can say that I really wouldn't put it on my top 10, but to each their own, it just didn't work for me or my wife.

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    Default Re: Terre d'Hermes Question

    I love TdH on myself. There's cedar, but that strong cedar base on my skin gets finished off with a moderate citrus and it all comes together beautifully. I'd agree on linear scent, although i get a little development into a more subtle cedar, more citrus(which I suppose is what you're looking for). Different skin I suppose, mine's really oily. Give it another wear, it's a great scent that's quite different.

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