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    Default Fun with the DFW MUA crowd

    Yesterday I had the good fortune to join a group of local Makeup Alley folk on a sniffing expedition. We met at a Dallas upscale mall and started at Neiman-Marcus. There were about 9 of us, a good size for some fun. NM had set up a nice presentation with several product specialists including those for L'Artisan Parfumeur, Chanel, and Creed. Most of us were most interested in Les Exclusifs from Chanel actually, since we knew many of the others--but not all. I had never tried the new Chanels and was most impressed by Coromandel, although Sycomore is close, and 31 Rue Cambon has an appeal as well. Unfortunately I was already very familiar with the L'Artisan line, but I was surprised at retrying some Creeds which I had dismissed in the past. The MUA women were very nice and knowledgeable as well. NM generously shared samples and little gift booklets as well. We dined at Luna de Noche, a nice Tex-Mex restaurant, where we shared more fragrance stories, and one member who had been at the NYC Sniffa last week regaled us with her tales of that event. Then we went to Barney's New York, where we got to sniff of lines including Le Labo, Serge Lutens, Comme des Garcons, Frederic Malle, and many others. I was favorably impressed by the 5 O'Clock Gingembre despite its tea note. The CdG 888 did nothing for me, though. I have a pile of samples to work through now! I hope some more Basenoters can come out next time!
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    Default Re: Fun with the DFW MUA crowd

    Dallas sounds like it's very perfume-centric.

    And yes, the new Serge Lutens is eating a hole into my consciousness. Must. Not. Buy.

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