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    I was in sephora the other day and i smelled lots of different stuff, but i was left wondering if valentino v is just a rip off of rochas man with a different name and house. I could not believe the similarities with these two...but then again my olfactory might have been a tad fatigued...what do you guys think?

    To me both put me to mind of childhood memories of being at Showbiz pizza(for you people who didnt grow up in the US or durring the 80's...Chuck E. Cheese)....i know it sounds strange, but there was always a melange of scents which included cotton candy and cheese pizza not saying that these smell like cheese pizza but its the combination of scents at that establishment that put me to mind of these 2 scents .
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    As far as I know, Rochas Man is a coffee + caramel gourmand... does V smell like that too?

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    I dont really draw the same comparison.
    V is far more fruitier than Rochas Man.
    RM is like cool sugar syrup with a hint of iced coffee. V has qualities akin to the fruitiness found in A*men and in La Prairie's Silver Rain.

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    i need to try them again, but i found them strikingly similar.
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    Tabac, Cardinal, Brookes Brothers, Musc Kublai Khan, Andron

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    no similarities IMHO...Rochas man is as gourmand as it gets...v is much more classier and different..

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    Did not think of Rochas when I tried Valentino, but remember that it did not ast long while Rochas Man has very good longetivity on me.

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