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    Default PRADA Exclusives

    Has anyone any experiences with these?

    Im just looking over possible fragrance-filled destinations in London (am visiting in May) and came across the Prada Exclusives line at Liberty.
    Ive also just read through LeeScott's experiences in London but they're not mentioned in his Liberty post.

    Has anyone tried any of these, or make any recommendations?

    EDITING TO ADD: Just found LeeScotts info on the Prada Exclusives - though it was mistakenly spelled "Prade" in his post which is why "Prada" did not return any search results.
    Any other BNers have opinions of these?
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    Default Re: PRADA Exclusives

    Hello Dimitri,

    Sorry about the spelling mistake, sometimes I am in such a rush I make the occasional error.

    I am not exactly sure where the Prada Exclusives line can be found in Liberty, I assume they must be in the menswear section, rather than the dedicated perfumery area where Le Labo can be found.

    They are much easier to dind in Harrods, where you will find them in the main perfumery hall.

    I really must try the new 2008 editions though, as they were sold out on the occasion that I visited. My next visit to London wont be until December, so let me know how you get on with the new ones if you have the opportunity to try.

    My favourites are the Amber, Iris and Fleur D'Oranger fragrances from the original four released, as some of the 2007 editions are nice but too floral for me personally.

    You will smell the quality, thats for sure!

    Of course London being London there is always plenty to check out. Selfridges should be getting the Nasomatto fragrances any time now, so might also be worth a visit!

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: PRADA Exclusives

    I have avoided these like the plague - I'm afraid to try them and to fall in love with yet another ultra-expensive, exclusive scent. Thank goodness they're extremely hard to find in Miami, the Prada boutiques I've seen in Bal Harbour don't stock them.

    The Violet and Amber sound fantastic.

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    Default Re: PRADA Exclusives

    Ah yeah, I got these added to the directory. Liberty have them in the Prada concessioney thing as far as i'm aware! The Prada boutique in London stocks them, and they're about £10 cheaper there than every where else, it's fantasticizzle £80ish for 30mls of Parfum really isn't bad, about the RRP of a Guerlain

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    Default Re: PRADA Exclusives

    I can tell you about a couple of them that I really remember well. the ouilette (sic?) is a carnation that is redolent of . . . sequoia cdg. . . so it's kind of like that biehl's number whatsitis that is sequoia and frankincense, only it's sequoia and carnation, rather cool . . . but I still might prefer to wear one or the other and not both

    the violet has an amazing opening, cause it's violet with root and dirt, only the dirt notes are topnotes and before long you are left with a violet that is not that fascinating, subtle

    cuir ambre is. . . a sweet leather, just as you might imagine

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