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    One week ago I bought Hammam Bouquet. It has been a revealing experience that has surpassed my expectations. Perhaps it seems exaggerated but I must to say it... It is a masterpiece!.

    From my point of view (I am related to the world of the art so I apologize about these personal lines), the HB experience isnīt just a simply concept related to the good taste, style, sophistication, luxury, attraction, sybaritism, evocation, etc, (concepts that are so united to the world of the essences) but itīs more than these ideas. Indeed HB contains these aspects but as the case of a Bach cantata or a Mozart divertimento, which in the beginning they had a function of use, at the same moment and during the time, they acquire intrinsic qualities that provide them an aesthetic function. HB produces an aesthetic pleasure. The right combination of the elements, with such knowledge and development in a wise mixing of surprise, order, unity, variety and the clear comunication of an idea, contributing with something new at the moment and after its creation, give HB a special place in the world of senses.

    Also it has supported my concept that I perfume for myself and that sensation of individuality and privacy has made me to think about sillage. HB is around me, near and I feel it during several moments of the day, without losing presence. Yesterday I perceived it constantly during the Maurizio Pollini recital at Teatro Real (it was a wonderful experience for the ear and nose) and I wasnīt worried about people around me, if they were disturbed or enjoying it. HB is not only a classic one, an icon, but a true work of art, that after more than one hundred years, itīs still working fine going beyond its function and technical characteristics, having its personal "voice", still "saying" (excuse me for use of synesthesia) something to us and at the same time becoming so near, personal and versatile. What a way to enjoy a work of art!.

    Certainly, as it occurs in the art, can exist discrepancies with my opinions. Thanks.

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    Thanks for your evocative words. For me it shares first place for rose fragrances with C&S No. 88, in fact both of them form something of a Yin/Yang of rose perfection.

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    Hammam Bouquet willl be forever in my top ten list. I think it is one of the few truly magical perfumes. It is a spiritual experience to wear it.

    I'm an atheist, so this compliment really means a lot.


    P.S. I don't like 88.

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    Thank you for such enjoyable and beautiful writing. I completely agree with you when it comes to enjoying fragrances for yourself regardless of whether there is sillage or not. To me they absolutely are works of art and that includes juice, bottle, box, presentation, image and all.
    Even though I've never smelled HB (coming up on to test list), I feel the same about Pour un Homme de Caron as a timeless work of art.
    I just tried a couple of drops of Blenheim Bouquet the other day and I already know I'm getting it! I'm sure it'll be the same with HB.
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    Thank you UnJardinAuMexique !

    This is the kind of thing one loves to read about most: the beauty and the miracles of smells! I wish you more discoveries like this, and hope you will write some of them down for us. I love the smells of nature, and I love rose fragrance captured in a bottle also very much. I like to believe that Mozarts song dedicated to a dying violet was inspired by smell also.
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    Fantastic post. I feel basenotes is too information oriented at the moment - as is western world as a whole. I would love to see us shift somehwat towards phenomenology and aesthetics like you did here, and you did it well! Perfume is not mainly functional object; treating it as one bothers me. In modern world good seems to equal useful or valuable, whereas aesthetic experience has no meaning beyond itself. It's value is the experience itself. This is exactly what Kant meant, when he talked about disinterestedness of beauty.

    In terms of this context, another misunderstanding is, that "smelling good" is the most important aspect of a fragrance. Perfection and harmony are something I feel or understand, not smell or hear. This is obviously very subjective and possibly quite arguable, but that is how I see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by narcus View Post
    This is the kind of thing one loves to read about most: the beauty and the miracles of smells!
    Absolutely! I feel that I have experienced HB through your senses. Let's have more writing like this!

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    Sorry, let me be the first detractor.
    HB smells too victorian, too powdery. It is not versatile on my skin... at the drydown I smell something very reminiscent of a diaper (a clean diaper). It is more like morning mood or Anitras dance by Edvard Grieg.

    And now that we are talking EDT-Music I am buying Kouros just because it sounds like that
    But more like that
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