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    Thumbs up Adventure Davidoff

    Top Notes
    Mandarin, Lemon, Bergamot, Maté Leaves, Black Pepper.

    Middle Notes
    Black Sesame, Pimento.

    Base Notes
    Cedarwood, Vetiver, White Musks.

    I search in the encyclopedia of basenotes and i found that Pimento and Mate Leaves are not used in any other fragrance. Also White Muscs are used in 7 other perfumes from YSL, CERRUTI , and Armani , all are female perfumes.

    I think that its a very mysterious and interesting frag
    Fresh, fruity, spice and woody.
    Subtle but long lasting It comes and goes for a long long time.
    Its gorgeous summery and it could be easily passed for a L Artisan Parfumeur creation.
    Great scent.

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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    At first I thought Davidoff Adventure was quite boring. Then it started to grow on me after a couple of wearings. By no means Adventurous, I still think this is a pretty safe fragrance. Great for work, can't see anyone not liking it. Mysterious? Maybe a little. Fresh, fruit, yet interesting and very nice smelling? Yes.
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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    I managed to get two free samples plus a scented card of DA - they've been "launching" it here recently. On that day I had also been testing Bvlgari's Eau Parfumee au The Verte Extr. having sprayed it on my wrist. I started picking up a very nice cedar note but each time I smelled my wrist, I couldn't smell that cedar note anymore. Then it dawned on me that the cedar note was coming from the DA scented card in my shirt pocket! I think this fragrance certainly deserves an objective sampling. I will be buying my time with my two samples!

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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    To me the heartnotes (black sesame and pimento) are the most interesting ingredients here. I wonder how these work out. That is, if this pimento is the kind of spice I have in mind, because in some country's they use this name for pepper also. The pimento I'm thinking of is often used in combination with cardamom and/or cinnamon in bakery goods.

    Btw, mate leaves, is also known as yerba mate, which is used in quite a few fragrances, and white musk is quite common and it's use not at exactly limited to female scents...
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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    This scent did not wow me at all. It is very bland citrus and I detect a little marine too.

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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    I was kind of excited on seeing a new offering from Davidoff... but quickly controlled my urge to go out and sample.. i'm the easy to impress type

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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    should be a better aroma range in this new davidoff
    ... i found it very similar to Guess SUEDE , one of new favs... share almost the same fruity-spicy base ., but guess share an stronger projection...

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    Lightbulb Re: Adventure Davidoff

    Quote Originally Posted by dalailama1 View Post
    I search in the encyclopedia of basenotes and i found that Pimento and Mate Leaves are not used in any other fragrance.
    If you enjoy the spiciness of pimento, Trussardi Uomo (1983) has lots of it in the mid notes, and it lasts through the drydown.

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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    Thanks To All. Yesterday Night I Put Some L Instant De Guerlain And I Can See The Difference Between A Really Masterpiece That Is L Instant And A Good But Mass Market Perfume That Is Adventure.
    I Change My Mind About This.
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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    Adventure is a great scent but only during the first couple of minutes. After that it is tragically prosaic. A man who gave the name to this scent has a very unusual sense of humor. Even Silver Shadow is more interesting than Adventure.
    One can find a note of pimento in Versace L’Homme (1984.) by the way.
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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    I haven't bought it, but gave it a good back of the hand test. It performed extremely well, and kept wafting up for the next eight hours - in a manner I kept finding somewhat reminiscent of Azzaro Pure Lavender, though more complex.

    I doubt this scent's longevity or sillage would be an issue with anybody. In this respect it is much better on me than either Silver Shadow EDT or Silver Shadow Pure Blend, which I liked a lot but were pretty short lasting on me.

    So I was quite impressed with it, and felt a bit sad when I finally couldn't detect it many hours later.

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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    i tested today, simple and nice, comfortable without risks... spicy fruity easy to wear in anytime... but very weak on me, ... i dont know why, almost every fragance that i test, smell really light on me, could my skin change ??

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    Default Re: Adventure Davidoff

    I think DA is a very interesting fragrance among the recent releases. Also very sexy. Need a fragrance to be strong for its purposes? It's a light but very manly s(p/m)ell, indeed!

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