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    Default Has anyone ever thought about..... ?

    Has anyone ever though about having regional get-togethers? Imagine basenoters coming together to first meet and greet and then swap and sell (and sample, sample sample!). We could even trade samples and sell _cants. (you know, the dreaded D word).

    Any thoughts?
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    Default Re: Has anyone ever thought about..... ?

    Hi, Michigan neighbor Lally ~ Yes!

    Last year I organized (with Grant's kind blessings) a get-together in Chicago for the L'Artisan boutique opening. Read about it here.

    This year I'm planning one for Milwaukee. Read about that here.

    I encourage others to do the same in other areas. Just check with Grant before referring to it as a Basenotes event.
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    Default Re: Has anyone ever thought about..... ?

    Sure...............but I am in Switzerland - hey Bn´ers from Switzerland let´s unite!

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