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    Smile Good scents for men

    Good morning everybody. I need advice. I have finally gotten my partner interested in trying some different fragrances. He is a deputy sheriff. He isn't one of these pinhead, macho jock types, and is pretty open-minded, but is still very masculine, and probably wouldn't like anything too florally. I have Andy Tauer Maroc Pour Elle, which I love, but he doesn't like it at all, so I don't wear it when we are working. I have gotten him a sample of Lutens Ambre Sultan, Fumerie Turque and Five O'clock au Gingembre. I also have a sample of Ava Luxe Kretek, and MPG Amber Precieux. Does anybody know of a nice dirty musk, other that Musc Kublai Khan ( too hard to get in US )? Any ideas for men's fragrances that he might like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suebee View Post
    Does anybody know of a nice dirty musk, other that Musc Kublai Khan ( too hard to get in US )? Any ideas for men's fragrances that he might like?
    If you are looking for a good Musk that's not too expensive, try Kiehl's Musk.

    Also, Musc Ravageur by Male would be a good choice -much more expensive than Kiehls but quite a bit better too.
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    Villoresi's Uomo is very masculine, versatile and balanced; truly great all-around fragrance, yet never boring or too usual. Considering your partner doesn't sound like a person who'd start collecting scents like a madman, versatile fragrance like this should be a fitting recommendation. Another fragrance that should make a great signature scent is MPG's Racine. I'm sorry for not really answering your question, since this one obviously is not dirty musky fragrance. Just wanted to rave about my own favourites. That's dumb.

    Kiehl's Musk is somewhat similar to MKK, not that I could recommend it from the bottom of my heart, though.
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    Ava Luxe ~ Kama Extreme (if you can find it, this one is a good "I wanna **** you hard on the forest floor!" kind of musk. You might find it here:

    Narcisco Rodriguez ~ for him (this one isn't really dirty, but its one of the better "mainstream" musk dominated scents out there.

    Creed ~ Cypres Musc (again, not really dirty, but very,very nice.)

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    I think Five O'clock au Gingembre is already very nice.

    Well, what about Narcisco Rodriguez musc oil?
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    I agree with the recommendation of Kiehl's. It is the best musk I have tried. While I like both versions, I prefer the Musk Oil to the EdT.

    Other fragrances to consider are:

    Azzaro pour Homme
    L'Air du Desert Marocain
    Czech & Speake No. 88
    Givenchy Gentleman
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    Smile Re: Good scents for men

    Thank you all for your suggestions; they are very good. I am going to try and find samples of these different scents for him to try. I'll tell him to just play with them and have fun. There might be some he really likes, and then he might not like any. That's okay. We'll keep looking. Have a great fragrant day! Personally, I am enjoying a vintage Mitsouko day.

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    Its pretty hard to just pick out scents without knowing what exactly you like. I know what fragrances I like on women because I've smelled it on someone and I loved it enough to ask what she was wearing. Ideally you should have a fragrance that you like just because you like it.

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    Can you take him to a store like Ulta or Sephora (or a department store that has some decent frag testers)?

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