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    Default A question about Eau d'Hermes

    I ordered this blind from an ebay seller as we don't have an Hermes boutique in the city. The scent was not what I expected at all. Very little spice and very floral and powdery. I suspect I received an old bottle, but am not sure if there's a way to tell the age.

    There was a small booklet in the box giving the history of the scent & some general Hermes shim-sham. I did notice a passage describing limited edition collectible bottles manufactured for the fragrance since 1993. The last year listed in my booklet is 2001.Also, I find a couple of references to June 2007 as a copyright date.

    Can someone who's recently purchased Eau d'Hermes confirm that the booklet has been updated since then, or enlighten me if there's another way to determine the age of the bottle?


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    Default Re: A question about Eau d'Hermes


    Welcome to Basenotes!

    There was a very interesting thread a few days ago that discussed Eau d'Hermes.

    It may be helpful to you:

    I bought my bottle (used) from a fellow Basenoter and it did not come with a brochure, so I can't help on that.
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    Default Re: A question about Eau d'Hermes

    Hmmm. I certainly wouldn't describe Eau d'Hermes as floral or powdery but I would also say that the cumin presents not so much as spice and more like a body, more like a mild animal presence. It's a citrus and cumin and leather frag to me. But I'm skeptical of this bottle being a fake. It's so much trouble to counterfeit a fragrance that can be gotten relatively cheaply that it's probably real. Or you're dealing with pure evil. But probably not.
    Welcome to Basenotes, by the way! Are you newish to frags? One thing I've noticed with note identification is that it's sort of like living in a foreign country and slowly learning the language: what's new seems omnipresent, like everyone's going around using this phrase and you don't know what it is and you go around obsessing about what it means. And then when you learn what it means it recedes and you obsess about the next thing. Long way of saying that I tend to notice a particular note in a frag not necessarily because it's the most prominent note but because it catches my attention. Sooo, I recommend wearing it several times and seeing how it seems as it unfolds to your attention. These are complex and multivalent beasties, these perfumes. And Eau d'Hermes is a really good one, hope to gahd you have a real bottle and hope you enjoy it.
    I would like to acknowledge that this is a tedious post but I'm tired and little drunk and I'm sending it anyway.

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    Default Re: A question about Eau d'Hermes

    my recently purchased bottle of Eau D'Hermes also came with that 'micro' book....very cool actually.

    i bought mine from a shop here in NYC....authentic for sure.

    this scent is a very unique one....takes a bit of getting used to....not really for the faint of heart, but it has a very raw and refined message in someone else on here said, Cumin and Citrus.....i don't personally smell the leather in it....more kind of like spicy soap and musky as well.....

    it smells filthy and wealthy, IMO. worth having and keeping in the collection.

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    Default Re: A question about Eau d'Hermes

    I am one of the Basenote Fans Of Eau D'Hermes and I think it's as sexy as hell. It doesn't smell like you think it's going to smell, so that sounds about right. There are very few fragrances that smell like Eau D'Hermes.

    I've got the little book too and I think it's very cool.

    I am surprised that you think it smells floral and powedery, that does concern me slightly. The strong notes in Eau D'Hermes as alluded to by others are Lemons and Cumin with a kind of musky underpinning.

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    Default Re: A question about Eau d'Hermes

    Thanks for the replies. I'm pretty new to fragrances. In the past I've had a couple of things that I've worn regularly (more than one of which have received fairly mixed reviews by BN'ers) and never really branched out.

    I'm actually starting to dig the EDH. I've worn every day since it arrived and it continues to reveal itself with each wear. I only get the barest hint of leather and the cumin is much more subtle than I think I expected. I think my original hope was for a bit more Mitchum's jockstrap and a bit less Grace Kelly's purse, but it really is quite complex, sophisticated & unique. My new complaint is that it doesn't seem to last long on my skin, but I think I can live with that.

    Now, if only I could find someone locally who carries Eau de Lalique...

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    Default Re: A question about Eau d'Hermes

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    When I wear Eau d'Hermes I get strong cumin, some citrus, lots of leather and ... sawdust! Effect is a nasty dirty scent, but in quite a good way. Unfortunaltely I don't get powder or floral either. Not to say its not there. It very well might be - my sense of smell is going "AAAAA! CUMIN! AAAAA! LEATHER! AAAAA! SAWDUST!" so it may be a bit occupied.

    Anyway - Welcome to Basenotes!!
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    Default Re: A question about Eau d'Hermes

    Well, I certainly would not describe Eau d'Hermes as a "spicy " scent. Yes, there is cumin in the composition, but it doesn't read "lunch buffet at the Indian restaurant," the way it can in say, L'Autre. And no, I don't think it smells like an armpit, either.

    I would describe Eau d'Hermes as a sweet, animalic leather scent of medium weight. It's not a power hitter like Knize Ten or Parfum d'Habit, but it does project well and leave plenty of sillage. It's not a scent that will go unnoticed. I happen to love the stuff - in fact, I'm wearing it today. I suppose it takes a little bit of courage (or self-assuredness) to wear Eau d'Hermes, but it's one of those rare scents, like Jicky and Chanel's Cuir de Russie, that manage to be both animalic and suave.
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    Default Re: A question about Eau d'Hermes

    spooneb. Nice post. Glad it seems to be the real thing and that you like it. It's one I don't wear often anymore but love to wear for comfort. About the longevity problem, try spraying it a bit on your shirt. Or if you wear a t-shirt spray it on your chest but allow your t-shirt to come in contact while the edt is still wet on your chest. It'll last well that way.

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