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    I avoided this one, after a bad encounter with Jaisalmer, which made me feel as if I were suffocating. But, Zagorsk is working well on me; it combines all the complexities that the others, in the series incense, kind of miss.
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    Good to see I'm not alone with my love for Zagorsk and Jaisalmer-induced queasiness!

    Usually people don't care for Zagorsk or are lukewarm about it, but Jaisalmer seems to be one of the most popular CdG Incenses.
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    Zagorsk was ok. I liked the pine forest notes but found the white snow note to be over the top synthetic and dominated too much. My fav in the series is Kyoto.

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    Zagorsk is incredibly evocative--though sometimes it smells a bit like green beans and starchy winter vegetables. Other times it hits me as a brisk, fresh iris/pine scent that's almost like Irish Spring. One of the most interesting scents, and I usually reserve it for winter.

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