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    Default The First Candidate Has Been Chosen (40th birthday scent splurge)

    On an earlier thread, a bunch of you gave me some great ideas for a scent to splurge on for my 40th birthday. Mike Perez was kind enough to send me an Altoids tin with three squirt vials in it, one of Monocle Hinoki, one of Kyoto from the Incense series, and one surprise, Tom Ford for Men Extrème.

    Now, yesterday I got one of those "Your Inbox is Full to Bursting" emails from BN and I freaked out and deleted everything in a blind panic, so I couldn't remember for the life of me what was in Vial No. 3, which just said, "TFE".

    Kyoto is nice, Hinoki is really, really nice, but Door No. 3 turned out to be the one I tried on and then reapplied after my shower. Then shot some on to my shirt. And then squirted some more on to my wrists when I got to my office. That was when I realized I had perhaps gone a Bridge Too Far. I think the air radiating off of me was shimmering like the waves you see hovering in the air over a hot road.

    I think I would have been drinking it shortly if I hadn't stopped myself. This is good stuff. I saw some reviews over in the Fragrance Directory that said, "What? It's just like regular Tom Ford.", and having not smelled the regular stuff, I have no reference, but damn, what I'm wearing right now is something out of this world.

    First! You spray it on and it's like a fireworks display of bright, sparkly citrus notes, lemon, but not a waxy Pledge lemon or a sweet lemon cookie, but more of a steaming wedge of lemon floating in a cup of tea. It's bound up with something sweet, but not sugary.

    Then it's mmmmm, new shoes. Nice shoes. Or maybe for me, more like a new leather-bound journal with that gold foil edging on the pages. It's not a sweet leather, assuredly not an English Leather™, but a faithful leather jacket in the sun. And then there's the burly, papery smell of tobacco leaf. Again, not sweetened, and certainly not burning, just hovering, providing texture.

    And then comes the part where you start to smell the real architecture that's going on here. As it settles in and warms up on your skin, you can smell a blurry, woody oud note. It's very sexy and reminds me of the dry-down from M7 Fresh. But, when you try to go to it on your skin with your nose? It's not there. Instead, there's a vanillic, ambery musk. And you think, "Huh. I must have imagined it." and you start to move your head away...and there it is again.

    It's like that scent is being drawn as a halo in the air around the spot on your skin where you applied the juice. Amazing. This peek-a-boo game goes on for a couple of hours with some other notes that I haven't identified yet, and then it kind of abruptly shuts down leaving almost nothing behind but traces of that amber-y, musky note.

    Mike, the whole sample is GONE. When can you send more?!

    I find Ford's media saturation and salacious image to be a bit objectionable, so I probably would not have tried this without Mike's prodding. Now it's very high in the running for my Big Birthday Buy.

    Samples are on the way, though, of Duro, TF Purple Patchouli, Lime Aoud, and Taur's l'air du Desert Marocain. I'll keep you posted. Thank you, Mike! And thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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    Default Re: The First Candidate Has Been Chosen (40th birthday scent splurge)

    Oooooh! I strongly tout the Lime Aoud and L'air du Desert Marocain TRex!
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    Default Re: The First Candidate Has Been Chosen (40th birthday scent splurge)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri View Post
    Oooooh! I strongly tout the Lime Aoud and L'air du Desert Marocain TRex!
    It was in your signature that the Tauer bottle first caught my eye. Then I saw that it got five out of five from Turin and Sanchez.

    Tomorrow (I think), my Mugler Cologne samples should be arriving, as well.

    Thank god for samples and decants. There's no way I could sample these things in my area otherwise.

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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: The First Candidate Has Been Chosen (40th birthday scent splurge)

    Glad you enjoyed the TFE T. Rex.

    I'm interested to see how you like the Duro, Purple Patchouli and L'Air me, these three are in the same vein as the TFE. The Duro is a little sweeter and more leathery. The PP is more patchouli prominent, but still heavy, dark and formal like Tom Ford does. And L'Air is drier and has a prominent birch tar note that makes it distinctly different.

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    Default Re: The First Candidate Has Been Chosen (40th birthday scent splurge)

    Does anyone know who the was parfumeur behind Tom Ford for Men Extrème?

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