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    Wobenzym N - Wobenzym N is an effective arthritis treatment method and commonly prescribed for arthritis pain relief. Wobenzym, a combination of proteolytic enzymes and the antioxidant rutin, works systemically by targeting various tissues and organs in the body. Wobenzym modulates the immune response by restoring a healthy balance between anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cytokines.

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    Argent, thanks for the herbsmd article. Thought I'd use the opportunity to plug my own company and say a few more things about wobenzym.

    Wobenzym isn't the original, but they have a good systemic enzyme formula and have been used in clinical trials the most. Our staff did our own research on the clinical outcomes, available at our wobenzym section.

    There's some research being done with auto-immune disorders, fatigue, mood, and ongoing sports recovery work. Not all of it is with wobenzym, but is often done with enzymes that are found in the wobenzym formula. Additionally, the makers are European and recently changed their US manufacturer. The previous manufacturer, Naturally Vitamins produced a great product for years, so we'll see how the new wobenzym turns out. If anyone is interested in the old wobenzym formula made by naturally vits, check out their medizym products.

    Thanks all!

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    Reminds me of WWF tag-team wrestling.
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