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    Default Red fpr men (some historic info I dug up)

    Here is some interesting new briefs going back to the early 1990's one for the US and one for the UK. I thought I would share them since the recent talking on the board about Giorgio Beverly Hills Red.

    Red for Men: fast start set. (Giorgio Inc. introduces men's fragrance) (product announcement)
    February 8, 1991
    Ginsberg, Steve

    SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Giorgio and Red have been blockbuster women's scents for Giorgio Beverly Hills, but the company's men's fragrances have been more like duds.
    Red for Men, which Giorgio will launch in late May -- in time for Father's Day -- is the company's effort to change that and become a dominant player in the men's field.
    Michael Gould, Giorgio's chief executive officer, is projecting $30 million at retail for Red for Men in only seven months, starting in June. The goal appears lofty, considering the recession, but Gould has visions of Red for Men cracking the top six in volume at most department and specialty stores next Christmas.
    Industry sources estimate that Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men, along with Drakkar Noir and Polo, are the market leaders, with retail sales ranging from $65 million to $80 million in 1990.
    To provide the necessary visibility, Giorgio will use TV to back up the launch, the company's first use of television for an introduction.
    After watching Klein score in the men's business with Obsession and then with Eternity, following highly successful women's fragrances of the same names, Gould hopes Giorgio can do the same.
    "I hate to use the word 'blockbuster,' but we think we can have a major success in the men's market," Gould said.
    "We have never really had the mindset in men's to really but a marketing program and the monies together behind the launch and an ongoing program. We have set a high goal and think we can do more with Red for Men in those first six months than we did with our other two men's brands, combined, all of last year," he said, a reference to Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men and Giorgio Beverly Hills V.I.P. Special Reserve for Men.
    Gould pointed out that Giorgio has had its problems in the men's field. Snob appeal was the main marketing thrust for V.I.P. Reserve, but the move backfired, Gould maintains, because the product didn't attract a large enough audience. The original Giorgio men's fragrance was also burdened by an image as a special-occasion fragrance.

    British men see Red this spring. (Giorgio Inc.'s Red For Men perfumes) (Product Announcement)
    Cosmetics International
    February 25, 1992

    The number five men's fragrance in the US -- Giorgio's Red For Men -- will be launched in the UK this spring. It will eventually be available at 450 Giorgio Beverly Hills outlets but will be premiered at Selfridges, London on April 27th. National distribution will begin one month later.
    Red For Men was first unveiled nationwide in the US in June 1991 and the UK launch is the first time it has been sold outside the American market.
    The fragrance itself is a fresh woody fougere blending "natural and nature-identical fresh, citrus, woody and wildflower notes...that capture the essence of Californian Living".
    Top notes include sampaquita, frangipani, mandarin, bergamot and spearmint oil.
    Middle notes feature redwood sequoia (one of the seven naturally reproduced notes which is new and unique, never having been used before in men's fragrance), blackcurrant, cinnamon leaf, geranium bourbon, jasmine etoile and ylang ylang.
    Base notes comprise amber, patchouli, oakmoss, sandalwood, tonka bean, musk and vanilla.
    Products available are: Eau de Toilette, 100ml for |pounds~29.50 and 50ml for |pounds~19.50; After Shave Refresher, 100ml for |pounds~22 and 50ml for |pounds~16; After Shave Soother, 100ml for |pounds~22; Scented Soap with Pumice Tray, 150gm for |pounds~10; and Anti-perspirant Deodorant, 75ml.
    The company will be promoting the launch with a heavyweight advertising and marketing campaign in both women's and men's press. This will include: full colour adverts and advertorials; joint promotional activity with GQ magazine; a national Super Red competition coupled with pre-and-post launch TV advertising in the key launch areas; scent strips in key publications; and a national sampling initiative to over half a million men.

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    Default Re: Red fpr men (some historic info I dug up)

    Hey Paul
    Damn! Its been years! Glad to see you're still "spritzin" and "posting"
    I just bought 8 bottles of Red for 29.99 each! The label under the bottle has EA Fragrance Co Dist. I'm sure it's fresh stuff, and I wonder if there is an underground movement to silentl re-launch this classic.
    You know my "vial" habit has ever dwindled. I still have dozens of all my faves. I just bought some Red vials as well.
    I also noticed that the Original Giorgio and the VIP are also becoming more available. What's going on? They must know how popular and in demand these scents have become.
    Anyway..I'm a happy "sniffer" with my arsenal of Red, and hopefully it won't be "killed off" again.
    Be well..and keep spritzin!


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    Default Re: Red fpr men (some historic info I dug up)

    It's classified a wood-chypre on

    and the price sems decent here

    can I get it cheaper in the US and is it a fougere, chypre, what have you?
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