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    Default Considering Opium

    I am curious on to the differences between the EDP and the EDT of this scent. What are your experiences and which one do you like better?

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    Both are amazing. The EDT presents a wider range of notes in that it starts with the woooooonderful fruit and spice and ends up with the vanilla. It's rich, dark, mysterious, dangerous, yet comforting and satisfying. The EDP has less of those top notes and moves quickly to an ambry/vanillic base. Both offer great longevity and sillage (if you care).
    I don't know what your wardrobe looks like or what your taste is but I would think that most people would prefer the EDT because it's would you say it...panoramic? But I loved it so much that I got the EDP also and I'm thinking of layering them next time.
    Let me say that scentemental (one of our great BNers--knowledge and quality writing like nothing else) compares it to the best of the niches (e.g. SL) and stated that it's one of the best made fragrances ever.
    I smelled the EDT when it first came out but it was so dark and dangerous to me that I didn't approach it for 10 years! Then I broke down. By then I was a BNer and the rest is history.
    Check out the notes and the reviews. I hope you'll enjoy it.
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    Default Re: Considering Opium

    I'm very fond of oriental scents. Citrus and woodyness are favorites of mine as well. My collection is pretty small right now(I mean really small, even if you include all the samples). Guess this all describes 'big', masculine scents(even the ones with floral notes!).

    Edit: I'm enjoying the vanilly drydown of Lolita Lempicka au masculine right now for reference's sake.
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    Default Re: Considering Opium

    If you have a local TJ Maxxx or Marshall's, you might want to check out what they have in store. Last weekend I picked up a 50 ml bottle of Opium Pour Homme EdT for just $19.99! Don't think you'd find the EdP there, but who knows...

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    Default Re: Considering Opium

    Just to be sure, we are talking about Opium Pour Homme, right?

    Actually, most basenoters prefer the EDP for it has a somewhat richer base and is even longer lasting. The fruity opening notes are toned down a bit, and it is really the base that people love in Opium. I myself went for the EDT and do not regret it. When I tried the EDP it was SO LOUD that it was somewhat embarrassing. Just too much for me.

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    I'm a new convert to Opium Pour Homme EDT and Opium Pour Homme Eau D'Orient (2006). I don't normally like oriental scents all that much because sweeter scents irritate my sinuses. The beauty of Opium PH is that it is so dry. It's not warm vanilla, it's hot spice. Very exotic but as orientals go, this one maintains a very svelte profile. it doesn't get bogged down in amber and vanilla-- it stays sleek, sharp and almost piping hot. I get red hot peppers and dried oriental fruits from it as well.

    I can't believe I overlooked Opium Pour Homme for so long!

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    Default Re: Considering Opium

    Opium PH! you got to have it! its a trophy! it shows you have won it! you are there! use it or dont, you gotta have it!

    and dont worry about the lasting!! it'll last 48 hours. im scared of how theEDP version would smell like, coz this PH is intense! its dense! its spicy and it shall grab you by your b#%%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Considering Opium

    I think both versions are fantastic. I personally prefer the Opium PH EDP. It is a more darker, richer, sensual scent.

    As marcar72 stated, you can probably pick up Opium PH EDT at a Marshalls/TJ Maxx (I have been seeing a lot of them there lately - no EDP though).

    You may also want to look into Opium EDT (the women's version). I think this is the best version of Opium that there is. Many Basenoters feel this is definitely a shared/unisex scent. Most major department stores/Sephora carry this and you could test it there.
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    Default Re: Considering Opium

    I've got both.
    The EDT is lighter and crisper, making it the more versatile.
    The EDP is thicker and heavier - I tend to only use it on cold nights.

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    Default Re: Considering Opium

    In agreement with the above. Opium PH EDT is my fragrance today. Lasts all day. Scent is great through all notes. It is the cheap way to go, as stated, $20 is what I spent at Marshalls. EDP is indeed richer, more powerful, and more expensive. Cannot go wrong either way...but just my two cents.

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