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    Default Classic "pure" vetiver?

    If I wanted to try a fragrance that is the signature "classic pure vetiver," what should I try?

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    Post Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Man tough question.There are so many variations, and so many different themes, on this note that your going to get alot of varried opinions on this. Guerlains Vetiver, the first one, once you get past the heavy tobacco note is I guess about the truest Vetiver note you will find. In fact that has always been a complaint of mine with this frag. that the tobacco note is so strong, that I always thought that it weighed the Vetiver down, and detracted from the Vetiver note so much, that even as good as this frag. is, it could have even been better.
    Which is why I like the reformulated version a little better. Yes it does have a bit more Citrus, but at the same time less Tobacco. Vetiver is one of my favorite notes, and one thing I can say for sure is that your going to smell alot of great fragrances in your quest to find the "pure" Vetiver note. Happy hunting!
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Quote Originally Posted by GMF View Post
    If I wanted to try a fragrance that is the signature "classic pure vetiver," what should I try?
    Etro's Vetiver and Annick Goutal Vetiver.

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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    I don't know that the classic vetivers were "pure" in the sense that you mean.

    To me "pure" means similar to what vetiver essential oil smells like. There are quite a few like that such as Etro, Lorenzo Villoresi, Rocco Barocco, Different Company.

    But they're all newer scents. The classic ones (at least classic from the 1950s - that's all I've ever come across) are all more refined and further removed from the raw essential oil.

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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    To me Goutal, which I love, has a pronounced iodine/seasalt note. If it's classic you want, then definitely try the Guerlain. The Guerlain is such a gentleman's scent--balanced and discrete but slightly willful, a bit funky. But as for real: vetiver essential oil is such pungent, earthy, smokey stuff that classic uses of it as a main note (rather than buried in the base notes to ground florals and citrus) have typically softened and lightened it. A couple vetivers that retain the bite of vetiver oil--if that's what you mean by pure--are Route du Vetiver and Encre Noir. Definitely worth checking out but they both read as either avant guard or gothic, depending on which way you look through the telescope. It may be that only a sustained vetiver quest, one that will stretch your spiritual and financial resources to the limit, will bring you the knowledge you crave. Be careful out there.
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Vetiver by Lorenzo Villoresi
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Vetiver is one of my favorite fragrances and I have studied many types of vetiver.

    By pure vetiver I am guessing you want to smell the vetiver without lots of competing notes. I recomend two that I think are very true to vetiver in smell. Givenchy has recently rereleased their Le Vetyver. It's hard to find because its new and very few places carry it in the US. I saw it in Harrod's and was really impressed by the deep vetiver scent that slightly accentuated by coriander to keep it green and sort of woody. Comme de Garcons Vetiveru is a vetiver splash that is quite pure, but is mildly citrus in the opening - otherwise is a very clean vetiver fragrance. An inexpensive and quite nice and pure vetiver is Madini Oils Vetyvert fragrance essential oils. The Madini oils vetiver smells very earthy and a little like a hippie scent, but it is a good choice.

    Vetivers that nobody would call "pure" vetiver that are have lots of other defining notes and are excellent choices are:

    Encre Noire - very cold, dark, earthy vetiver.
    Vetiver Extraordinaire - great all around vetiver fragrance.
    Lorenzo Villoresi Vetiver - earthy and woody green vetiver.
    Sel d' Vetiver - sunny, salty, citrus floral vetiver. My favorite vetiver for summer.
    Mugler Cologne - green fresh vetiver. (Also Original Vetiver for same effect).
    Guerlain Vetiver - very pleasant sweet vetiver with smoke and tobacco basenote.
    Carlo Corinto Vetiver - very green cypress vetiver.

    If I was going to pick one that was purely vetiver I would chose the Givenchy Vetyver. Luca Turin said in his book that before it was discontinued by Givenchy it was considered to be the best vetiver made - I can see that. But, there are many great vetivers to come out since then. But, I have yet to see the new release of Givenchy for sale in the U.S. and Harrods will not ship it overseas.
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    I really dont know if the following fragrance is good or bad, but anyone had try or have any info about:

    Pure Vetiver by Loris Azzaro (on Clearance $12.95 at

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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    gotta give it to Azzaro - Pure vetiver...the dry down smells just like sunshine late afternoon on a field full of freshly mowed vetiver...its too real..
    i havent sniffed Etro - vetiver, but i have lemon sorbet and i have no doubts they would be true to the smell of vetiver just the way they were true ot lime in lemon sorbet...

    list given by Buzzlepuff is a comprehensive one covering the best. although i havent had the luck to sniff any of those (except for encre noir)... duh...

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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
    Etro's Vetiver and Annick Goutal Vetiver.

    I own some pure natural vetiver oil.

    These two are about the closest thing I've smelled to that oil.

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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    The vetivers can be very different. The most "classic" one IMO is Guerlain's. I would also recommend sampling the following - each with their own personality:

    Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Annick Goutal Vetiver
    Lorenzo Villoresi Vetiver
    Comme des Garçons Vettiveru
    Maître Parfumeur et Gantier Route du Vetiver
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Quote Originally Posted by scentsual View Post
    The vetivers can be very different. The most "classic" one IMO is Guerlain's.
    It sounds like Guerlain's is probably what I have in mind. By "pure" I did not mean pure vetiver extract in cologne form. I was thinking more along the lines of a classic scent where vetiver is the predominant note rather than a classic scent where vetiver is merely one of many notes.

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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    I really like Vetiver de Puig, which has a slight sour note in there, but for me, it makes for great interplay with the vetiver. I haven't tried the other major vetivers, but Horizon must have a strong vetiver presence, though it's got a lot of other things going on in there too. Doesn't Ungaro III have strong vetiver? That also has a boozy quality that I'm not too fond of.

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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Hové Parfumeur Ltd, who blend and sell their own fragrances, have a Vetiver that has been described as a soliflore of real rough vetiver.

    They've been on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans for years and years. Now they have a website.
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Adolfo Dominguez Vetiver Hombre yet. It's the greenest, freshest vetiver I've owned yet, it perfectly aligned to your criteria of a classic pure vetiver.

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    Smile Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lapishchin View Post
    Hové Parfumeur Ltd, who blend and sell their own fragrances, have a Vetiver that has been described as a soliflore of real rough vetiver.

    They've been on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans for years and years. Now they have a website.
    Lapischin, I'm glad you mentioned Hove. I lived in New Orleans for 18 years before Katrina relocated me to Atlanta. Hove Parfumeur is a rarity in America: a true perfume house. Their house style is that of classic French perfumery. Many of their ingredients are naturals.

    Vetiver (known as khus in India and the Caribbean) grows prolifically all over South Louisiana. I grew some myself. It tried to take over the whole side of my driveway!

    Hove's Vetiver is the driest and most austere of all vetivers. It is crisp and earthy with no sweet meddling from citrus topnotes, no green dye. It is masculine but in no way bossy.

    Another incomparably elegant fragrance from Hove which contains vetiver is Louis Quatorze. It has some sparkle from a dry citrus note, bergamot, I believe. Hove's Louis Quatorze and Vetiver are fabulous fragrances for these dog days of summer, refreshing but not too simple and not fruity or common. Louis Quatorze is quite as sophisticated and wonderful as any 'niche' fragrance I've ever tried.

    Here's the link to Hove', which gives ordering info and pictures of the shop on Royal Street.
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    I loved Givenchy Vetyver. It is hardcore vetiver, dry, green and natural.
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?


    Thanks for the information about Hove. I've been interested in this house since I smelled Habanera many years ago. Any additional comments on other scents from this house (in a separate thread, if you could) would be greatly appreciated, at least by me.

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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Floris Vetiver. I liked it so much... I bought it!!
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    L'Occitane Vetyver is as pure as I like vetiver to be.
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    after thinking, I too needed Vetiver. Went to the closest Sephora and got the last Guerlain. .

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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Guerlain Vetiver is the "classic" vetiver you are looking for. It is probably the best selling vetiver fragrance and the easiest to find. It can be found cheap on many online stores too.

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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    Givenchy Vetyver
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    Default Re: Classic "pure" vetiver?

    As a Vetiver farmer and Vetiver fragrance afficionado, I believe that Chanel's Sycomore may be the truest "vetiver" fragrance I've tried, that is, the compelling fragrance of Vetiver as it's harvested. I'm drawn to this fragrance as sailors are to the Sirens. To this I must add the caveat that, although I maintain a large inventory of Vetiver-based fragrances, including those bearing Vetiver/Vetyver names, I have NOT tried FM. This week I sampled Hermes Vetiver Tonka and was sorely disappointed; I told the clerk that this was the only Vetiver fragrance that I actually detested.

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