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    Default What about the other aouds?

    I think that Black and Lime Aoud get the most talk on these forums...and there's nothing wrong with that, as they're both wonderful fragrances, but there are so many other Montale Aouds out there. I remember having a pretty good impression when smelling Attar and Royal Aoud. I was recently at Parfumraffys store in Sherman Oaks, and they luckily had a few vials, namely Red and Gold Aoud....which I snatched up quickly for 3 dollars a piece, and will be testing soon. Anyone else have any thoughts.

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    Default Re: What about the other aouds?

    I have Black Aoud and wear it once in a while (and yes, I am female, I guess there has been some discussion about my gender) I love men's scents. I also wear Bvlgari Black and used to wear Brut when I was a teenager, a habit my daughters carry on. One wears Brut and one wears A*men.
    I also own Velvet Flowers and Sand Flowers. I plan on investing in Blue Amber and White Aoud, also. I had the Rose one, but traded it away to a friend who adored it, as it made me sneeze, a problem I often have with rose scents.
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    Default Re: What about the other aouds?

    Which Rose one do you mean? Half the Montales are rose scents, and a good number are called Rose this or Rose that!

    I'm a big fan of the Montale line, especially the Aouds. There are some other threads on these, but I'll give my quicky descriptions - Black Aoud is my favourite but I won't discuss it since that's not what you want to hear!

    Red Aoud: A blizzard of spices, very gourmand, but not so much like candy or dessert, but like a cross between a meal with sweaty spices like cumin, and a cake. The Aoud note is harsh and brash at first, there's vetiver in there - there's everything in there! A little goes a long way.

    White Aoud: A puffy cloud of vanilla/cream soda with a creamy aoud note on top, fleshed out with woods roses and also some food type spices, but much more muted than in the red aoud. A bit feminine, but a guy can wear it. When it dries it's very vanilla more than anything, and that's what I like the least about it. The opening is quite lovely.

    Attar: A heady rose with "double distilled" sandalwood and green notes - I don't know what that means, but contrary to most sandalwoods, this one is prickly rather than just smooth. It's best in warm weather or else it tends to smell like rose soap when it dries. You should get the extra concentrated version because in that the rose is 3-D and it's much more alive as a fragrance than the normal version. THere's a debate whether or not this contains aoud. It's priced like and aoud, and has prickly notes like an aoud, but I don't think it has any. I think it's just expensive because it has alot of mysore sandalwood.

    Aoud Flowers: Tropical flowers and honey sandwiched between a sharp aoud and incense. This one is strong, but best in the summer, because in the winter the aoud is too sharp. It needs some sweat to make it come alive in the best way. It smells a little like an Oasis tropical fruit juice. As it dries the incense becomes the predominant note, with the others decorating it, vs the start when the flowers and aoud dominate.

    Aoud Cuir d'Arabie: A creamy Aoud note like the one in WHite aoud, that's really well blended into the fragrance. And what a fragrance - 99% of what are called "leather" fragrances out there, smell like suede and the chemicals you use to weatherproof it. This actually smells like leather - but it's a funky-ass barnyard kind of leather with birch tar and hay. Smooth and mellow, and really great if you can handle it.
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    Default Re: What about the other aouds?

    I've gotten the chance to try my Golden Aoud and I somewhat like it. It kind of reminds me of Lime Aoud, except its less complex and interesting than Lime, which I still need a sample of. I'm really not sure of what to say about Red Aoud...I think I need to spend some more time with it, as I'm not used to the combination of Aoud with gourmand elements.

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