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    Default ChrisW 's Gucci Envy Consolidation Thread

    Objective: Since questions about the reformulation of Gucci Envy (For Men) pop up every month, I thought I would try to put all the important info in one thread. The old Envy thread ( has most of the same information, but it was unraveled over a few pages, and included much speculation.

    Hypothesis: I was thinking yesterday and began formulating a hypothesis about how many variations there actually are of Envy. ( I use the term "reformulation" loosely, since there is no concrete evidence about a difference between juices based on color variations. Also, with subjective tastes, I will not begin to identify the best or worst, but merely my casual observations of differences I have noticed.

    Analysis: I believe there are actually 3 distinct variations of Envy based on the color of the juice. Florescent lighting, natural lighting, placement of light source could all cause discrepancies of what the "real" or "natural" color of the juice is, but I notice 3.

    1. Dark green, color of pine trees. I believe this is the oldest and original version of Envy. Possibly Pre-2005. This is the version I have. In the example, mine looks the same, except darker. I believe that is because light is filtering in through the window in the example.
    Example: Knightowl's bottle:

    2. Yellow-Green, a lighter green than variation 1. I believe this is a second version of Envy that was around 2006-2007. I think this is the version I tried in Sephora. At the time, I didn't think too much of the color, and thought it was the fluorescent lighting of the display case. My nose was not yet attuned to Envy or developed enough to sniff out any differences or changes. Based on the information in the Envy thread, I believe this might be Dimitri's bottle as well. I was confused at our use of "lighter" and darker," and, at the time, I did not think much of it and attributed it to differences in perception. In my latest theory, we were actually comparing 2 different older variations to the newest variation.
    Example: Tomer's bottle:

    3. Neon Green. Like a neon light, almost glowing in an unnatural Green. I do not recall if I have seen this in person, but the empirical experience of members seem to verify the luminous qualities of the stock Internet pictures. This version was mentioned on the boards Summer 2007, so it could have came out as early as first or second quarter 2007. I have not seen anyone post a picture of this new color yet, but the example is a stock photo.
    Example: Stock photo bottle:

    Conclusion: This is just a hypothesis, but I hope it will become a Gucci Envy FAQ of sorts. Comments are always welcome. Feel free to discuss changes of formula if you wish, but the color variation seems to be the best determinant of different variations. Since many members have this fragrance (as shown in our Scent Synchronization on St. Patrick's Day), it would be useful if you say when and where you purchased your Envy, so I can reaffirm the hypothesis. In particular, if you purchased your Envy between 1998 and 2005, I would love to know what color the juice of your Envy is. I ask where because sometimes e-tailers are selling older stock, while the B&M are presumed to be selling newer and fresher stock.

    ChrisW: Purchased Mar. 2006, Scentiments, Variation 1: Dark Green, likely old stock

    More pictures are useful as well, just make sure you do not Hotlink.

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    Default Re: ChrisW 's Gucci Envy Consolidation Thread

    Chris, I don't know if I agree with your hypothesis here. My bottle of Envy was bought at least four years ago and is pale green - noticably paler than the current incarnation. It's been kept in the dark so it's not sunbleached.

    It's kept really well and doesn't smell noticably different to the current incarnation.

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    Default Re: ChrisW 's Gucci Envy Consolidation Thread

    Thanks HDS1963. I am unsure on the chronology of number 1 and 2 actually. They could be reversed. Thanks for your response.

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    Default Re: ChrisW 's Gucci Envy Consolidation Thread

    Mine seems like the dark green and I bought it in 2006.

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    Default Re: ChrisW 's Gucci Envy Consolidation Thread

    I got a sample a couple of months ago, and it seems to be the green-yellow. I should be getting a bottle soon, and I'll post back here about how the two compare.

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    Default Re: ChrisW 's Gucci Envy Consolidation Thread

    If any B-noter has a bottle of Gucci Envy (Pre 2002) that they want to $ unload.
    Please PM me.


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