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    Default aka POSSIBLE PROBLEM

    I have bought from these sites a few times and have been very satisfied. I just received an order from and one of the bottles was cracked and leaking. I have been unable to find a phone number for either site (same owner I believe) and my emails have been returned as undeliverable for two days now. I have sent them a letter and hope to hear from them soon - HOWEVER - I thought it a good idea to put out a heads-up just in case...

    I will absolutely post a follow-up to this post either way. As I've said, I have been happy with this site and don't want to tarnish their reputation unless of course it deserves to be tarnished.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: aka POSSIBLE PROBLEM = = = =

    They suck.

    Do a search of the forum for and You will see why.
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    Default Re: aka POSSIBLE PROBLEM

    It's been two weeks. I've tried to email - both sites' email were down for several days. I finally sent emails that went through - no reply. I sent a letter - no reply. It's looking bleak. Stay tuned...

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    Default Re: aka POSSIBLE PROBLEM


    I only heard back from them after I went through Yahoo shopping (they used Yahoo to checkout my order as best as I can tell). Communications back and forth were confusing and frustrating after they finally responded to my letter and multiple emails after about a MONTH. They didn't have a bottle in stock to replace the one I received that was cracked. In the end my credit card was credited for the original purchase even though I had requested an "in store credit". I would have been happy to buy something else from them (better for them). Go figure.

    As I mentioned before, I've bought from them in the past and was satisfied. I would never use them again because of the brutally poor service I received when something "went wrong".

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    Question Re: aka POSSIBLE PROBLEM

    I am having the same problem with contacting They will not return emails even though I have sent plenty in the past month nor will they answer the phone. Does anyone know a special number or trick to get them to answer the phone? Maybe I shouldn't do business with them anymore?

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    Default Re: aka POSSIBLE PROBLEM

    yes, if you look up the original 1st perfume thread, I had posted the phone number for them...

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