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    Default SotW April 19th-25th 2008

    Hey there Basenoters its week #8 of SotW and the last full week of April. As always another interesting week here in the number-crunching capital of Basenotes Nation. We start with the raw numbers.
    764 posts with Tuesday being Scent Day. This continues a trend downward from our plus-800 weeks in weeks 5&6.
    459 different scents mentioned up slightly from last week.
    315 scents worn only once which is the highest single number ever and leads to our highest individuality factor ever of 41.5%
    So what did I notice this week? The theme this week would be bounceback week. After last week’s “Perfumes: The Guide” fueled choices the community returned to some of the favorites left behind. Case in point, Montale. After being almost ignored and having its lowest week as a house last week This week it doubled last week’s totals, had its highest house total ever, and sent one of its scents into the top 10.
    Chanel on the other hand saw a 40% drop-off in house wears. The other house which had a huge week was Comme des Garcons placing two scents in the top 10 and having their largest week as a house ever. This one is a combination effect as we have seen an increase in the wear patterns of the CDG/Monocle partnered scent Hinoki. It looks like a significant part of the community is giving this one a try. It has been the most worn debut so far this year. I am now interested to see how this sampling translates into it being added to wardrobes and increased wears over the next few months. This house has also seen consistent wear from most of the scents in the line but now a couple of them are getting increased wear in the warmer weather and boosting the house totals.
    Yves St. Laurent also had a bounceback week as two of its scents which had not been in the top 10 since the first week of compilation both make the top 10 in week 8.
    For two other houses Creed and Frederic Malle the wear totals stayed the same but the community was more spread out throughout the line. Which still allowed one of them to place three in the lower half of the top 10.
    The top 10 also welcomes five newcomers in AdP Colonia, CDG Vetiveru, L’Artisan Tea for Two, Le Labo Rose 31 and the aforementioned CDG/Monocle Hinoki.
    It was another vetiver heavy week for the top 10 and the community as a whole although as mentioned the Aoud and aoud-like scents also had a pretty big week without necessarily putting a number of scents in the top 10.
    Here now the top 10 for April 19th-25th 2008
    1.) Guerlain Vetiver 16 wears (2.1%)
    2.) Terre D’Hermes 11 wears (1.4%)
    3.) Acqua di Parma Colonia 8 wears (1.0%)
    3.) Comme Des Garcons Vetiveru 8 wears (1.0%)
    5.) Guerlain Habit Rouge 7 wears (0.9%)
    5.) Yves St. Laurent Kouros 7 wears (0.9%)
    7.) Comme des Garcons/ Monocle Scent One: Hinoki 6 wears (0.8%)
    7.) Creed Bois du Portugal 6 wears (0.8%)
    7.) Creed Green Irish Tweed 6 wears (0.8%)
    7.) Creed Original Vetiver 6 wears (0.8%)
    7.) Domenico Carecini 6 wears (0.8%)
    7.) L’Artisan Parfumeur Tea for Two 6 wears (0.8%)
    7.) Montale Black Aoud 6 wears (0.8%)
    7.) Yves St. Laurent M7 6 wears (0.8%)
    7.) Le Labo Rose 31 6 wears (0.8%)

    The scents bubbling just below the top 10 this week were: Givenchy Insense, Guerlain Heritage, Narciso Rodriguez for Him, Yves St. Laurent Opium pour Homme and Tauer L’Air du Desert Marocain.
    That’s it for week 8 Basenotes Nation. I’ll be back in the middle of the week with the April totals. Until then you keep wearing ‘em and I’ll keep counting ‘em.
    Have a well-fragranced week.

    Edit: After sending this out two users added in their SotD from Friday. One of these was Le Labo Rose 31 raising it into the top 10. The text above has been corrected to add in that change
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    Default Re: SotW April 19th-25th 2008

    thanks for the number crunching ... always good to see what the trends are.
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    Default Re: SotW April 19th-25th 2008

    Thanks again SMMan!

    I am always interested in your analysis and narrative - you have a way of explaining things fully yet concisely that I appreciate very much.
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    Default Re: SotW April 19th-25th 2008

    Dude, you are so dedicated. Thanks for the slice of Basenotes life each week. It's fascinating!
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: SotW April 19th-25th 2008

    I like cologne
    I love SOTW

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    Default Re: SotW April 19th-25th 2008

    Once again, thanks for the encouragement everyone.
    I am a big believer in reciprocation and if the community values my number-crunching then it is probably only a small percentage of how much I value this community and the amount of learning I have done here.
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    Default Re: SotW April 19th-25th 2008

    Well I most definitely enjoy reading the threads, but don't see how to add anything constructive, rather than post my SotD (which I forget to do, from time to time!) But yeah, thanks for all the hard work

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    Default Re: SotW April 19th-25th 2008

    Nice work, as usual. Thanks!

    Perhaps the entry of Rose 31 into the top 10 has to do with the fact that there was a huge bottle split recently in which about 15 people received shares?

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    Default Re: SotW April 19th-25th 2008

    I got 40mls of Rose 31 for free (well, the Le Labo SA said they were 10ml vials, but I swear they're 5ml) And i've got eight of them! I've been wearing it loads too

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    Default Re: SotW April 19th-25th 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by heythatslife View Post
    Nice work, as usual. Thanks!

    Perhaps the entry of Rose 31 into the top 10 has to do with the fact that there was a huge bottle split recently in which about 15 people received shares?
    Nice catch!!
    It hasn't occured to me to take into account an increase in wears after a bottle split has happened. I am sure that you are absolutely right because the numbers spiked for Le Labo Rose 31 this week and last. Just as the bottle split was distributed.
    You might have a good eye for this sort of thing.
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