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    Default Unexpected Layering Combinations?

    Today I had a test-a-palooza--3 fragrances on each arm.

    Unexpectedly, I had a fragrance layering combo I did not count on--Estee Lauder's classic Azuree and Serge Lutens Bois et Fruits. It was skanky, sexy, and deep! Leather and boozy wood, mmm!

    Anybody else ever have an unexpected combo happen like this?

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    Default Re: Unexpected Layering Combinations?

    Yep I often forget I'm wearing something and will test something else out on top - weirdest one is probably where I was wearing Miss Dior and tested Coco Mmle. It didn't smell too bad at all - the Coco Mmle sweetened Miss Dior, while the Miss Dior gave Coco Mmle a bit more character.

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    Default Re: Unexpected Layering Combinations?

    I love when this happens, but I usually have a hard time recreating the layering that I loved. I suppose getting the proportion right is key.
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