I just found this seemingly new house on aus liebe zum duft. Here's the description:

Trance Essence isÖBeguiling, Intoxicating and Alluring

It is where old-world perfumery meets apothecary - where purity mingles with sensuality

And craftsmanship is imbued with the voluptuous

Made in small batches, it is muse-produced rather than mass-produced.

Blended from the finest essential and perfume oils, each Trance Essence is nectar.

These reveal their hidden notes when activated by your own body heat. Trance Essence is earthy yet ethereal.

Intimate and refined, it whispers.

Trance Essence is nature, naked and alive, captured in a collection of Eau De Parfum sprays, roll-on perfume oils and hand-poured soy-based candles. They are the creation of Janna Sheehan, a perfumer/designer and lover of natural scents. Each of the Trance Essence Nectars contains up to twenty-five essential and perfume oil elements. Two years in the making, each fragrance emerged from an inner journey to a fanciful imaginary location. Six scents, six exotic destinations:

* London in the sixties (Abbey Rose)
* Down a rabbit hole (Whyte Rabitt)
* A sultry Moroccan nightclub in the summer (Genie in a Bottle)
* A Chinese mandarin garden at dawn (Chen-XI)
* An Indiana forest after a rain shower (Hail Merri)
* The gardenia and rose garden from a childhood story (Pink Kat)

Many more journeys remain to be taken. Yours. Trance fragrances arenít standard and they arenít static. They unfold and respond, reacting to time, place and wearer.

Anoint yourself and begin your journey.
I think they sound very interesting, especially Abbey Rose, Whyte Rabbit and Genie in a Bottle. They all seem to be available as EdP, Perfume oil and as scented candles.

Has anyone tried any of the scents or know anything more about them? A simple google search didn't reveal much, although I found an interesting interview with the owner of the company and co-creator of the scents here. Opinions wanted!