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    Thumbs up Ferre Bergamotto Marino....FANTASTICO !!!

    Discovered this today on the flea market and bought it instantly. This is HEAVENLY stuff !!!
    It is not listed in the basenotes directory and I have no idea when it was released ?
    The bottle is simple, cylndrical understatement as is the black label which reads Eau De Cologne, FERRE, Bergamotto Marino.
    The fragrance is incredible and after the first ten to fifteen minutes undergoes a magical transformation and really comes alive, constantly shifting and changing its form from then on. The bergamot and marine notes blend perfectly. It is very sofisticated stuff and knocks the socks off the likes of Acqua di Parma.
    The perfect accompaniment for balmy summer evenings !

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    Default Re: Ferre Bergamotto Marino....FANTASTICO !!!

    Nice find David! Sounds interesting!
    Heres more on this scent from NowSmellThis:

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    Default Re: Ferre Bergamotto Marino....FANTASTICO !!!

    Wow !
    Thanks Dimitri.

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    Default Re: Ferre Bergamotto Marino....FANTASTICO !!!

    No, thank YOU David... Im actually very intrigued by this now... I am a big fan of citrus colognes... and this one I will just have to check out! I hope I can source it here or in the UK when I visit next month.

    Flea markets are excellent sources for scents (particularly the vintage ones). I think I sent MrGuerlain on a bottle hunt once after spying a Limited Guerlain mini at a flea market in Copenhagen!

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    Default Re: Ferre Bergamotto Marino....FANTASTICO !!!

    Shall I? Or shall I not?....Ruin it for you?
    Well I own a bottle which I now use as room spray. Strong (yet fleeting) bergamot notes with petitgrain and something that smells like rosewood...and no heart or basenotes detectable whatsoever. IMHO a very uneventful scent. The projected accord reminds me a bit of CK One. Imagine....

    But then again this is only my opinion....
    Favete Linguis

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    Default Re: Ferre Bergamotto Marino....FANTASTICO !!!

    Itch, if you told me it reeked of a turd wrapped in rosemary, then it might ruin it for me
    But smells are subjective and I have to form my own opinion of this. I do appreciate your input though.
    Any other BNers have positive or negative reviews of this?

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