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    Default incense/soap/laundry

    I'm looking for a signature scent (preferably masculine), but am completely ignorant about basenotes and everything. I know I love the smell of nag champa and sandalwood incense, milk scented soaps, and GAIN island fresh laundry detergent. very random, i know. anyone have any suggestions?

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    for smoky cedar or sandalwood I suggest you to try Lacroix Tumulte pour Homme or Diptyque Tam Dao. For milk and soap, if you can still find it, I suggest you to try Le Feu d'Issey that has a blast of lactone with a spiced soapiness in it.

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    I think Antidote by Viktor & Rolf is worth a shot. Many describe it as 'incensey.' It's both spicy and sweet and, while there's not much noticeable Sandalwood or anything close to milk scented soap, I think you might like it. It starts with a citrus and mint opening, into a nutmeg/cinnamon floral heart (I detect the sweetness of jasmine sambac in the heart) that is as sweet as it is spicey, and a vanilla + woods, slightly powdery drydown. The scent is light for an oriental, and can be worn to the office as well as on a night out. Extremely versatile.

    Another one to check out is Santana for men. This starts out with apples, cinnamon and lavender, a sort of autumnal incense type accord, and gets cleaner as it dries down into a "maja soap" accord (as per marketing.) A really nice scent that is sweet, sexy, and decidely masculine. Also can be found quite cheap. Definitely worth a sniff.

    If you are feeling brave try and get ahold of some Salvador Dali for men - as this is the scent of the incense burned at a human sacrifice to Cthulhu. Dark, evil stuff it is.
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