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    Decant sales/swaps are forbidden here, but I was thinking about the reason. Seems like the companies are claiming that decanting might somehow misrepresent their product, so I came up with an interesting idea. Not that I want to put the time in, but suppose someone decanted what he thought were good examples of the major classifications of fragrances, but did not divulge what they were? So this person would get an ambery oriental, decant it, and just tag it as an ambery oriental. This would be done for fougere, chypre, etc. Could this person post a message in the sales or swap forums for such a kit of decants in small vials? The idea would be to give newbies an sense of what each category of fragrance was like without spending more than $20 or so.

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    I would say no because there is still the possibility that the product could be tampered with and the rules have no exceptions for not labeling with the full name of the fragrance. Besides, if you are selling a decant or vial of something, but the buyer doesn't know the quality of the product, how are they supposed to trust that they are paying the appropriate amount? As new members it would be easy to be tricked into buying something they thought was good for them.

    They have scent kits they can buy, reviews, members to talk to about what is the best frangrance for each note, as well as a search function with plenty of old topics on the niche houses, note variations, and such. I don't think it would fly...

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    Well, it was a hypothetical post about helping out newbies without the companies being able to do anything, legally. If I take a decent, traditional masculine oriental and put a drop of perfumer's alcohol in it, I have created something new, and I'm not selling it as whatever it was before, but as what I consider to be a respectable example of a particular genre. Obviously, the one drop of alcohol isn't going to change the juice in a way that is perceptible, especially to a newbie. I don't think the companies could do anything, but even if not, BN might be fearful in general, so I'd like to get their take on it.

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