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    Default I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    Hi ! Some of you already know that i live in Switzerland, in Geneva. You might think as a very "luxurious" city you would find every scent or most of them very easily.

    Well it s totally wrong ^^

    For example, i still did not find any place to buy a Creed fragrance. Same for Lutens (i would love to try Fumerie Turque .)
    I eventually found one shop that sells some other brands than YSL , Chanel , Bulgari etc. I love those "classic" brands but now want some diversity. Problem is , i don t know these brands at all ! If you know it, can you give me advices on what i definitely should try ?

    Here are the brands this shop sells :

    AMOUAGE - never heard

    LES FONTAINES DE CARON - apparently some luxurious edition of Caron scents

    CLIVE CHRISTIAN - never heard ( = n. h. for the following ones)

    DETAILLE - n. h.

    EDITIONS DE PARFUMS FREDERIC MALLE - the one i know ^^ never could test so far tough, but will.

    FLORIS n. h.

    FRAGONARD - know the name only, of course. any advice ?

    HOUBIGANT - n. h.


    MAITRE PARFUMEUR ET GAnTIER - know the name from you guys, any advice ?

    MOLINARD - n. h.

    MONA DI ORIO - n. h.

    NEZ A NEZ - n. h.








    TÉO CABANEL n. h.

    So here is the deal. I finally found some place to get some scents that are harder to buy, yet i don t know nothing about it !

    ANY advice on ANY of those brands would be very , very, welcome. I can t test it all as you can imagine, and above all i trust you quite a lot, so help me plz ^^ , because I m SURE some of the products of these brands are worth a try...

    Thx in advance
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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    you have all of that and you are worrying about creed!! wait till our brothers see this

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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    Have you tried searching the directory?
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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    i ve started looking for more and have found one huge shop (called Bon Genie) where they sell everything - clothes , shoes , suits etc. Very classy and expensive shop, and they sell Creed and Bond no. 9 , Serge Lutens and L'Artisan . I finally found it ^^ .i m so glad you can t imagine ^^ .I ve never tried or smelled any fragrance of these 4 brands ... I ll go there during my lunch break on friday, will spend an hour threre ^^
    But it seems like the brands of the other shop (the one of my first post) are quite unique for most of them , and as much as i can find everything i want about Creed or Bond i really need advices for the first brands i spoke about ^^ .

    Hope some of you will know it ..
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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    The ones I can comment on:

    Amouage - an Arabian-French house. You should definitely smell Jubilation XXV from them, it's supposed to be pretty good. They'll send you samples if you contact them.
    Les Fontaines de Caron - at the Caron boutique in Paris, they have this perfume fountain which they bottle from at request. Caron's a house with an illustrious past, but people say that since reformulations took place they aren't what they used to be.
    Clive Christian - not worth the money, IMO, a hyped house that charges really for the bottles than the juice inside.
    Frederic Malle - you know already, they put out some fantastic stuff. Take their questionnaire and they'll send you a few samples. They're all good.
    Floris - a traditional London house, No. 89 is probably the most famous from them, but personally I'm not too excited about Floris. Penhaligon's and Czech & Speake, both of which also hail from London, have more interesting offerings.
    Houbigant - it was one of the pioneering houses in 19th & early 20th century. It went out of business, then someone decided to revive the brand and now they just produce crap.
    Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier - one of my favorites. There are many good ones, but look to try Route du Vetiver, Parfum d'Habit, Bahiana, Iris Bleu Gris and Eau des Iles, among others.
    Parfum d'Empire - pretty decent. I liked Cuir Ottoman and Fougere Bengale in particular. LT says their new Inhale/Exhale pair is pretty good too.
    Les Parfums de Rosine - a rose-themed house, if you're into roses. Give Rose d'Homme, Une Zeste de Rose and maybe Diabolo Rose a try.

    Samples can be acquired from places like Luckyscent or the Perfumed Court (I don't know about First-in-Perfume, the German site - do they do samples?). Contacting these houses directly sometimes yields freebies. Some European Basenoters might be willing to help you out, so ask around.

    Almost forgot to mention - have you looked into Tauer yet? He's Swiss. A legend in my book.
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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    Floris fragrances are very nice. They're a British line with a number of fragrances, shaving products, and home fragrance products. Their website is:

    I've used several of their scents:

    Floris Vetiver is a very nice vetiver, with a hint of citrus - pleasant with good sillage and longevity.

    The Cefiro is a low-key, citrusy unisex fragrance - good longevity but so-so sillage (the Cefiro bath soap is among my favorite soaps, but I find the EdT just OK).

    Floris JF is a masculine scent - leather/spice to me - strong frag with longevity and sillae.

    Floris Limes is an excellent lime fragrance that lasts a very short time on most folks (about 20-30 minutes on me) and it's gone.

    Floris No. 89 is popular with a lot of folks, but too floral for me - only tried once and don't recall any more specifics..

    Another nice line from England is Penhaligon's. They weren't on your list, but if the store carries Floris, they may carry Penhaligon's as well.

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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    THis is what i love with this board.

    Thx for the nice answers.

    Still can t find Tauer's desert in any shop. Too bad since i have heard it s pretty amazing.

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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    Most of those brands have at least a couple worth trying ... start with

    Frederic Malle
    Mona di Orio
    Parfums d'Empire

    and work your way out from there.
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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    Quote Originally Posted by Roc_Xel View Post
    THis is what i love with this board.

    Thx for the nice answers.

    Still can t find Tauer's desert in any shop. Too bad since i have heard it s pretty amazing.
    I believe he does most of his selling online or through select few niche-only stores. If you don't mind shelling out a few francs, you can order samples from his website.

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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    I think Andy Tauer is based in Switzerland.

    Here is some info you may wish to try:

    Tauer Perfumes
    Limmattalstrasse 63
    8049 Zürich

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    I just read the above list and I didn't recognise half of them too.

    Floris are very nice - if you e-mail them they send some samples, and they're very nice. I love their fragrances.

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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    I'm familiar with the few Le Prince Jardinier frags. My favorite out of the bunch is "Ciel mon Jardin!". Awesome rhubarb scent and very gourmand. Though from the list I'd search out the others that people have mentioned first.

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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    You might want to try these:

    Amouage - Silver
    Frederick Malle - Noir Epices
    MPG - Santal Noble & Ambre Precieux
    Top Favorites

    Lyric Man by Amouage
    Reflection Man by Amouage
    Club de Nuit Intense Man by Armaf
    Diot Homme Intense
    Noir Extreme by Tom Ford
    La Nuit L'Homme by YSL
    Layton by Parfums de Marly
    Black Aoud by Montale
    More Than Words by Xerjoff
    Sunshine Man by Amouage
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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    Hello Rox_Xel, you've received some excellent advice from the above BNers especially from heythatslife and hoos. LuckyScent are superb for small samples for a few dollars for 0.7ml and First in Fragrance give a premier service and generally have 2ml samples for around 4 euros each. The Perfume Court are ok, but sometimes can be expensive. If you know what sort of notes you tend to like and let us know, fellow BNers can give you more info rather than you just blindly get samples or FB and possibly waste money. Some perfume houses not only send you samples based on a questionnaire (Frederic Malle) but also would deduct the price of any from a future FB order (such as Parfums MDCI Paris). Nevertheless do have fun with the samples first and as stated before Amouage are good (Jubilation XXV and Memoir) as are MPG, Parfums d'Empire and more.
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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    Nice selection - here's what I'd recommend:

    Amouage: Jubilation XXV - extremely expensive perfume from an expensive house owned by the sultan of Oman. Jubilation is the 25th house anniversary release by Bertrand Duchaufour and features two of the ingredients that he does particularly well: heavy incense and rose

    Frederic Malle: Good stuff, a house that specializes in releasing specially commissioned work by famous perfumers. My favorites are Dominique Ropion's Vétiver Extraordinaire (airy, green vetiver), Maurice Roucel's Musc Ravageur (sensual "dirty" musk), and Jean-Claude Ellena's Bigarade Concentrée (sparkling bergamotte).

    Maître Parfumeur: One of my favorite houses - classic-style perfumes in the 18th century French tradition, although the house itself is much younger, founded by Jean Laporte in the late 1980s. His Route du Vétiver is a masterpiece of earthy camphorous vetiver and his Ambre Précieux is a flawlessly magnificent spicy amber.

    Santa Maria Novella: Very old Firenze-based house with apothecary traditions dating way back. I especially like their gasoline-leather Nostalgia, the grassy damp Fieno and their rich and earthy Patchouli.

    Profvmvm: Family-run house in Rome, does evocative and often quite original fragrances - try Victrix (a green woody raincloud), Patchouli (thick and earthy) or Fumidus (a smoky vetiver explosion).

    Good luck! Enjoy!
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    Default Re: I don't know these Brands. Help me plz.

    I hope that in four years, the OP has discovered many of the brands that he was unfamiliar with.

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