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    Default Everlast Original 1910 - the horror! But why?

    There seems to be a very strong vetiver presence, but I don't mind that - I like Horizon and Vetiver de Puig. Something about EO 1910 seems to be an instant headache producer for me, and I'm just wondering what it is. The scent, for me, is like something that comes out of the back of a large air conditioner, but not hot of course, and scented up to smell nicer. I'm wondering about this frag, because the one review here described it as like two different frags, and I only get this one powerful, headache-inducer that never seems to quit. Time to try and scrub it off now, after a few hours of waiting for something interesting to happen (I put a blanket over my chest to keep the fumes down, checking up on it every once in a while).

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    Default Re: Everlast Original 1910 - the horror! But why?

    Is this stuff even being marketed any more?

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    Default Re: Everlast Original 1910 - the horror! But why?

    It doesn't give me a headache, but it does have this odd mix of sweet melon and soap that just doesn't work for me.

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    Default Re: Everlast Original 1910 - the horror! But why?

    That's the combination, dpak, and I think the vetiver is really making it super potent and nauseating.

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    Default Re: Everlast Original 1910 - the horror! But why?

    Okay, trying to be objective, which is a goal I always strive for, I went back to EO 1910. I sprayed once to the stomach, and waited. I've found that some frags work better if you let them come through your shirt rather than right up to your nose (if you spray high on the chest, just under the neck).

    The experience was not unpleasant at all. I liked the pronounced grapefruit. It's a nice change of pace frag for me. What I think happened with my first few testings is that I smelled the area I sprayed (arm or leg) too closely, and nearly gave myself a migraine. But once that problem was eliminated, I found the scent itself to be good, if not excellent. I look forward to giving it a couple of more wearings over the next month or so, and I'll report back.

    " notes of mandarin mint grapefruit and lavender with a heart of geranium nutmeg cypress and cinnamon and base notes of patchouli leather tonka bean and musk. It was blended by Givaudan's Antoine Lie."
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