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    Default Another Axe Proximity convert...

    I have to bow to the consensus opinion on these: they are quite well turned out.

    They were finally stocked at my local Target today - right when I snapped and decided I would need a deodorant to get through the rest of the season (already very warm here in the desert). On the shelf they are an obvious response to the RGX bodyspray line, which is also based on the idea of a kinder gentler bodyspray. Those scents are nice if a little simplistic, though ineffective as actual deodorant, YMMV.

    The Proximity line is quite a turn about for Axe. They all lack that impressionist implosion of all layers of the fragrance clashing together. A deliberate design element of the original Axe line is that the top, heart, and base notes are all apparent together at first sniff: this is intended to help sales with short attention spanned teens, but I find it gives Axe a distinct teargas affect in the early stages with just too much going on. CK IN2U is designed the same way and has a very Axe stage when first applied.

    Proximity is another kettle of fish. Frankly they seem superior to most of the so-called real frgrances on the shelves of department stores (perhaps not saying much these days). Amber - which has been so raved about is too rich and sweet for my clime, evoking A*Men, but with the smoother and softer touch of Rochas Man. Nicely done, but not for me. Vetiver - this was simply a muted, very dark green scent. Probably needs to be tried on its own without the more flamboyant Amber in tow.

    Bergamot I tried last, and almost as an afterthought as it was pretty much panned by everyone - this is my hidden gem. This strikes me as a floral oceanic, bringing Bulgari Acqua to mind first, but only losely. It took me a while to make the association I was looking for, and then I remembered the original Escape for women! It is a dim memory from a long time ago, but this evokes that beauty for me. That was the first feminine fragrance that struck a deep chord in myself and my best friend back then - catching that tangy-salty sillage in a crowd we would actually try to discover the woman wearing it. I wouldn't know a bergamot it you hit me with it, so I can't reference the truth in labelling, but that aside, a beautiful frag and kudos to Unilever.

    I don't know how these are being marketed or how they will fly with the teen crowd, but Bergamot will have a spot on my shelf henceforth.
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    Default Re: Another Axe Proximity convert...

    I agree on the Amber being a little too sweet, I also agree that the Bergamot is the hidden gem of the three. Works quite well as a layering agent.

    Haven't quite figured out what to do with the Vetiver though. :\
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    Default Re: Another Axe Proximity convert...

    Oh I absolutely love the vetiver - its a very non citrussy vegetal vetiver - which is what I like (I liken it to the aspect of Vetiver used in "French Lover" by Malle). I also noticed the smell in Mazzolari's Mazzolari.

    Amber and Bergamot were great - and I think layering them together sounds like it would work. I will have to try it!

    I was happy to find such an inexpensive well put together fragrance,
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    Default Re: Another Axe Proximity convert...

    thumbs down on the amber and vetiver for me. I thought the amber was a little too sweet and common. Axe Vetiver smells less like vetiver and more like a cool water wannabe but much more synthetic. I'll have to check out the bergamot - sounds nice.

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    Default Re: Another Axe Proximity convert...

    I didn't think the Amber was sweet enough! lol, probably because I'm spoiled by SDV.

    If anyone wants my bottle of Axe Amber Proximity, I can trade it for some samples or something of similar value. PM me if you're interested.

    I really like Lynx Dark Temptation a lot better than Axe Proximity. It's sweeter and more delicious, mmmm.
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    Default Re: Another Axe Proximity convert...

    Sad, Axe is now getting respect but great scents like Fuel for Life are shunned on these boards! Amazes me.

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    Default Re: Another Axe Proximity convert...

    I too have since picked up Bergamot, & I've found it reminds me a lot of CK one.

    Sometimes, I'll wear Amber on it's own with no other frag!
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