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    Default How'd I get so boring?

    There are financial reason, there are moral/philosophical reasons, and practical reasons.
    One way or another though, I've ended up becoming a one scent guy.
    Yup, for the last 50 or 60 days I've worn Geir exclusively. I'm quite pleased that Geir has come back into favor with me, because for some time two years ago it was my favorite scent.
    I admit it's not wildly interesting, but lately, as much as I appreciate the art of fragrance and trying daring scents, I've absolutely loved putting on Geir each day knowing that I will enjoy it every time I catch a whiff and that everyone who smells me will be pleasantly surprised as well. Much more important to me than a compliment here and there is knowing that I smell great. It is awesome not to worry about, and unfortunately, as much as I tried, when wearing really heavy scents like SL and whatnot, I would sometimes get self-conscious. Also, I have been significantly more successful with women since switching to a strict diet of Geir, which has been really nice.
    Anyone else been leaning towards a signature scent?
    Anyone else been quietly rockin' Geir despite the drop off in hype?

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    Default Re: How'd I get so boring?

    Gier does smell great. No sillage monster, it just gently bathes the wearer and gives hints of a great fragrance to those close enough to be in it's quiet but delicious aura. I wore it often during our cooler weather this year and have to say I enjoyed it each and every time I put it on. Heat though..the warm and hot weather such as we are likely to see for the next 5-6 months and Geir, for me, are not a good mix. Maybe it is the sweat mix factor.

    But come next December or so I will definitely be wearing Gier again and again
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    Default Re: How'd I get so boring?

    I've settled more into a family of frags that share common notes. More so than one signature scent.

    PdN Cologne Nature, AdP Colonia, iPdiF Agrumi di Sicilia all share a good citrus top note that lasts for at least a couple of hours, and all have nice floral middle notes. They smell great and I enjoy them tremendously.

    Getting a whiff of their scent throughout the day can put a smile on my face. There are a couple of others from the iPdiF line that do that, too, but they aren't worn as often as the three above.

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    Default Re: How'd I get so boring?

    You're not being boring. You were bored. I think you'll end up looking for some variety soon.
    I used to have a signature scent year ago (Kouros!) but right now, I'm having just too much fun enjoying my expanded wardrobe (insanely so) and still experimenting and sampling (I'm still working on Creed LOL, I could only go with SMW for now). I think the previous suggestion was good to try some things in the same family.
    Don't worry, you'll be fine. Meanwhile Geir is great. I love it too.
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    Default Re: How'd I get so boring?

    If this scent is making you happy then wear it in good health! If you wear it for the next ten years, then that's great; make it your signature scent. Wear it. Own it. Sometimes one finds something that is perfect and perfectly reflects oneself. If Geir is that for you for now, for three months or forever then go with it.

    I'm almost jealous...

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    Default Re: How'd I get so boring?

    Well, good that it works for you... not so sure about myself

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    Default Re: How'd I get so boring?

    Congrats and how envious we all are that you can be faithful! Wear like there is no tomorrow. For myself, I found Geir to be headachy, too sweet, and cloying. Although I haven't gotten down to one, there are about 4 I have been rotating with above all others.

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    Default Re: How'd I get so boring?

    Having a signature scent always seemed like a good idea to me, although I never really thought about how the same scent could come across depending on the season or weather. Which is to say that I'm hoping to find a few good scents for each situation in my life. I'd be completely overwhelmed if I had the hundreds of options available to me that many members do.
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    Default Re: How'd I get so boring?

    The thing for me is that when I read about a frag like Geir, then look at how much it sells for, I think to myself that it doesn't sound interesting and that the BN reviews of one of the super cheapo Adidas frags (like Team, Sport, or Ice Dive) makes it seem like Geir would be so similar to one of Adidas frags as to not justify the cost of something like Geir. Am I missing something?

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    Default Re: How'd I get so boring?

    rock on dude...i had a thread awhile back where i talked about this same thing...i think that its cool to wear a signature scent for awhile. It does a few allows you to smell things more clearly when you go back to other frags that you put on hold(like you are smelling them for the first time again). If you have a signifigant other, they will come to love your scent, but then will be intrigued when you then pull a switcharoo. I think its cool, i have been doing the same with Bulgari ph lately, with good result.

    P.S. Geir is on my list of things to buy or swap for!!!!!
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