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    Question Please Help!!!

    Hello everyone, I'm a 58 years young man in need of some recommendations for after shaves. With thousands of different fragrances out there now, I'm just realising that a hit-or-miss approach to find those that I like isn't going to work, especially, and surprisingly, that the vast majority of those that I have tried I find revolting. Throughout my life there have been many one-off after shaves, of which I can't possibly remember their names, but those I do recall using would be Tang, Burley, Fahrenheit and Norfolk Lavender, each of which lasted about a decade! I'm looking for warm, deep and pleasant fragrances. I live miles from anywhere so I don't have the opportunity to go sampling, but rely buying on eBay at present. To give you some idea of my tastes, here's what I've discovered so far : Escada Casual Friday - evil concoction ; Cerutti 1881 - horrible ; Azzaro pour Homme - ghastly ; Mary Kay Tribute - horrible ; Enliven - boring ; Dana English Leather - surely nobody would buy this? Indescribable ; Paul Smith Men - like Fahrenheit at first, before drying down to manure ; Kenzoair - horrible ; Hackett London - virtually no smell ; Joop Rococo - horrible ; L'Occitane L'Occitan - ghastly ; L'occitane Cade - extremely horrible ; Nicolr Farhi Homme - horrible ; Contradiction - seemed pleasant at first, then horrible ; Baldessarini Ambre - strange, sour and annoying ; Eau de Rochas Homme - sour, urine like and annoying ; Bvlgari Red Tea - couldn't wash this off quickly enough, smells like very sweet coconut. Evil ; Eternity - pleasant and wearable, but not likeable enough to want to buy again ; Obsession - unique, but comments as Eternity ; Yardley English Blazer - cold fragrance, but comments as Etenity ; Burberry London - I wasn't sure about this one at first, but I've come to be slightly addicted. I will buy this again for sure ; Vera Wang - this is beautiful and my favourite so far. What a shame it's so weak! I realise it's each to his own, but I hope that the above will help you to help me? Any thoughts much appreciated and my apologies for being so long-winded. Thanks, C.

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    I would suggest ordering a bunch of samples from a site such as Perfumed Court or Lucky Scent (I am sure there are others as well). You can also send e-mails/call various fragrance houses and ask for free samples - most are more then willing to send some to you. That way you can sample different fragrances, and then maked an informed decision on your full bottle purchases. I would never recommend buying full bottles blindly without having any idea whether you are going to like the fragrance or not.

    Good luck!

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    petruccijc - thanks for your time and effort in making your reply. Much appreciated, C.

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    No disrespect but please please use paragraphs next time you make a post....

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    Sounds like you may be using too much juice, since there's nothing you like. Some frags I only use one spray - on my leg below the knee - that's how strong they can be !

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    Default Re: Please Help!!!

    If you like Vera Wang For Men, then you may also like Estee Lauder Pleasures for Men. It also features a similar "soapy" scent. I feel that the soap note is stronger and the spicy notes are weaker in Pleasures for Men. Overall, it is also a weak scent, but you should definitely get a sample, because the notes you like may be stronger than in VWFM.

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    charlielu - I'll promise to use paragraphs if you use punctuation in future ;-)

    Bigsly - thanks for your reply. I only use balms these days and I test them by spreading a little on my arm, so I doubt that I'm overpowering myself. Perhaps I'm just too old fashioned for all these newer fragrances I'm experiencing for the first time?

    Redneck Perfumisto - thanks for your recommendation. At last! This is just the kind of suggestion I was hoping for when I started this thread. C.

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    Heritage by Guerlain
    New York by Nicolai
    Bois du Portugal by Creed
    Chanel Pour Monsieur (not the newer Concentree, you should be okay though, I believe the original is readily available in the UK)

    Try these classical-style fragrances as a starting point. Let us know if you want to continue in that direction or in another.
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    For classy refined soapyness I recommend you to try Burberry Touch and above all to test Acqua di Parma both the classic Colonia and the Colonia Assoluta too.

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    TwoRoads & Magnifiscent - my thanks for your taking the time to make recommendations. I am (slowly) taking steps to follow them up and I will definitely let you know some time in the future how I get on. Regards, C.

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    I honestly believe that Safari for men makes a fantastically wonderful aftershave. Don't be scared off by the fact that it is a Ralph Lauren scent. Try it. I think you will find that it will make you smell and feel like you just left an upscale, classy barber shop. Its woodsy with a bite that is very nice.
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    I must agree with Two Roads - you need to experience a Guerlain scent countryblues.

    Heritage, Habit Rouge and/or Vetiver. Try them all!
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    Redneck Perfumisto - tried Estee Lauder Pleasures for Men but, you guessed it, I wasn't overwhelmed. Smells like a floor cleaner they use here :-/

    Magnifiscent - tried Burberry Touch but, you guessed it too, I really didn't like this on me - and as I like Burberry London so much, I was surprised. Smells like burnt rice pudding :-/ and IMHO far too feminine.

    danho & mikeperez23 - thanks for your suggestions. I'll come back on them when and if I can try them.

    In general : to my original list I can add some other fragrances which I have tried. Calvin Klein Truth ; Oriflame Rebel ; Ted Lapidus Ted ; Thierry Mugler B*Men ; & Rochas Lui (interesting, but something vaguely familiar about this. Then I remembered! When I was a child the old lady next door wore an insect repellent that smelled just like this. I find myself, at best, indifferent to these fragrances and generally disappointed at the femininity, lack of depth and, well, overall lack of pleasantness. We have a very amusing programme here called 'Grumpy Old Men' - I think I'm off to join them now. C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by countryblues View Post
    We have a very amusing programme here called 'Grumpy Old Men' - I think I'm off to join them now. C.
    That one made me grin CB!
    Just keep on persevering. If you find a note you like, you can look it up on the directory here to see what fragrances have it. It's good you're keeping notes on what you've tried so far, but do bear in mind that sometimes it takes a couple of tries to 'get' a fragrance. (Now stop sputtering at the screen about 'I'm never trying that stinky thing again!') ;-)

    Did you try Guerlain Vetiver yet? That's the only thing my darling husband said didn't smell like toilet cleaner, bug spray or foofy old ladies.

    And I say stick your neck out and try the wierd and wonderful Bulgari Black. Who knows - you might like it (leather, tar, rubber, vanilla, baby powder) and even if you don't I'd love to read your review!
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    Default Re: Please Help!!!

    Wordbird - thanks for your reply, and it's made my day that I caused you to actually break out in a grin, but I'll have you know that I was genuinely grumpy ;-)

    Seriously though, I appreciate your suggestions, especially the one about trying leather and rubber. I will certainly come back to you at a later date if I have anything to report. I shall persevere, but I don't mind admitting that I'm losing heart. C.

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