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    Default Chlo 2008: Any impressions?

    Ladies, I am casting my broad net into the female forum to gather your thoughts, impressions and opinions of Chlo 2008.

    My wife sampled it today whilst visiting our local department store, and we have both been won over by its wistful, nostalgic characteristics. My wife has been searching for something "kind of Victorian in style", and may well have found it here.

    rose, peony, lychee, freesia, magnolia, lily of the vally, amber and cedar wood.

    Its presented in a rather stylish art deco inspired bottle that you can see here.

    Has anyone else discovered this scent?

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    Default Re: Chlo 2008: Any impressions?

    Hey Dimitri!

    I sampled this a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it. I didn't have any room left to give it the skin test, but I'm going shopping for Moms and I plan to try it on my skin then. It's very lovely when you first spray it. I wasn't to sure about the dry down. I carried the strip for a while and noticed that after the dry down the cedar really takes over. This is what I didn't like about Elle. The cedar in Elle smells just like a hamster cage. It's not that bad in Chole, but that's why I need to give it the skin test. I know what you mean by Chloe giving you a sense of nostalgia in a perfume. It's new, yet it smells like a classic.
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    Default Re: Chlo 2008: Any impressions?

    I was unimpressed; that would be an understatement, it was meh. The original Chloe, before it became a drugstore staple, was such a wonderful scent. This new 'signature' scent is just not something I am fond of. When I told the sprayer at the counter what I thought, she was downright frosty toward me. But whatever, it was not for me.

    But truly, if your wife enjoys it, and it smells nice on her, why would you search any further for opinions. If she enjoys it, you should give it to her.
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    Default Re: Chlo 2008: Any impressions?

    Diva, we also sensed the cedar took center stage after a few hours... but it was less hamster-cagey, and a bitmore woodshop-floorish. When you do have the chance to resample, do let me know what you think after your second sniff.
    Brielle, Im not looking at getting the scent for my wife... we are off to London next week and she and I have arranged a walking perfume tour of the city. Where I have a fragrance shopping list that is really rather specific, she has not decided on her exact series of purchases yet. She's keeping her options open, and looking forward to exploring everything London has to offer. I posted this thread on her behalf because she cant remember her old log-in!

    Thanks for the comments ladies, and keep em coming.

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