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    Default Perfumes: The Guide issue: Uomo? Moschino.

    Because my thread on issues with this book has too many criticisms of the notion of criticism and other off topic stuff, I've decided to take it one issue at a time. The review of U?M is by LS. It is described as a "sweet soapy." I detest sweet and soapy, except in small amounts, and I like U?M because it is nether sweet nor soapy (it's a bit peppery, if anything). LS calls it a "generic guy" frag, which again, seems to be as far from the truth as I can imagine. In fact, in the BN frag directory, which led me to blind buy this great frag, there is the following:

    "Uomo? Moschino opens with a slightly sweet, moderate herbal/floral/citrus accord with hints of spice and woods. The citrus notes disappear after about 30-60 minutes, the floral/herbal notes extending the scent into the spice and woods. It is very harmonius and should serve well and uniquely amidst the raft of other typical office scents (Bulgari PH, Lanvin L'Homme, any Kenzo, etc.)."

    And also: "Strange yet not unpleasant challenge of traditional male gender roles. Rather a concept fragrance, an unusual experiment than the classic formal-wear cologne. How do they manage to render rather sweet, smoky, powdery, creamy tones of chocolate, scented exotic tobacco, caramel and toffe, with a touch of incense and brandy so masculine?
    A revolutionary scent that will render your everyday life(if you decide to wear it regularly) into anything else but daily grind..."

    The ability to judge frags must be questioned after this review of U?M by LS. If there was no BN and only Perfumes: The Guide, I would have passed on even spending a dollar on a sample of U?M !
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    Default Re: Perfumes: The Guide issue: Uomo? Moschino.

    It is distinctly soapy, to my nose. I wore this years ago, and often described it to friends and family as a "fruity, soapy" scent.

    As to the ability to judge scents... well I wont get on my soapbox (no pun intended)... but its all subjective, and measured only against the total sum of scents one has smelled and experienced in their time.

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    Default Re: Perfumes: The Guide issue: Uomo? Moschino.

    I'm just glad I get no soap and just a hint of sweet from it, or else I'd hate it (and I only use one spray of Carlo Corinto Silver for layering once in a blue moon because it's so sweet).

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